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Kodak is staying ahead of everyone with their new cloud printing services! How cool is this???How could this save you time and untether you from your office!

Original content by Kim McAllister

Hello again Activerain,

We released a cool feature recently that I know will excite some of you social media geeks (this includes me) -- EASY PRINTING FROM FACEBOOK!  I'm sharing this because of course, being a new dad, I'm printing pictures like I never have before.  However, it struck me that a lot of you can use it too!

Facebook is the place where more people are sharing their personal photos than ever before, and its adoption in business circles opens up the same opportunities.  Some of those pictures are worth printing, but it's sometimes difficult to do because Facebook doesn't directly support your printer.

Thus far, you have somewhat crummy options (in my opinion).   You can "Print Screen", which gives you superflous pages and lousy formatting,  or you can try Print options from browsers like Google Chrome which while handy still have the same issues.

What if your printer could connect to Facebook and allow you to select and print pictures easily? Even better, what if it could import the pictures with a single click, and allow you to touch them up in seconds and print them in a totally optimized way with no need for you to mess with the formatting settings?

With Kodak printers, you now can!

Here's how you do it!


Printing Pictures from Facebook on Your
Kodak AiO Inkjet Printer



1.       Open your Kodak AiO Home Center software. 

 Kodak AiO Home Center

This software came for free in the box with your Kodak inkjet printer.    If needed, you can install or update your version of Kodak Home Center at the following link:  www.kodak.com/go/aiodownloads.  Look for the version of software that corresponds with your computer’s operating system.  (Note: The Screen shots are from version 6.2 running on a computer with Windows XP.)


2.       Highlight and click on Edit and Print Pictures.

Kodak Home Center Start Page


You will get a list of the folders on your computer where pictures may be located.  Scroll towards the bottom to find Facebook. 


3.       Double click on Facebook. 

 Kodak Home Center Picture Selector

The first time you do this you will be asked to log into Facebook.  You will also need to allow Facebook to share information with Kodak Home Center.  It is Kodak’s policy not to collect any personal information from your Facebook account, but the authorization is needed to transfer the pictures.  Once you are logged into Facebook, your Facebook photo albums will appear. 


4.       Select pictures to print.

Kodak Printer Facebook Selector


Click on the little triangle beside the Facebook icon to list or hide your folders with albums and pictures.  Click on a desired folder and select the photos you want to print. 


 From here you would make prints as you normally would when using Kodak Home Center.  Click Next to move on to the Edit page. 


5.       Be sure to try the One-Button Edits such as the Kodak Technology Perfect Touch.  They will enhance your pictures and give them a great look.  When you are finished making edits, click Next. 

Kodak Facebook Picture Printer




6.       From the Finish page, verify your printer settings are correct and then click Print. 


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