I Believe in Miracles! Do you?

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Do you believe in miracles?... My definition of a miracle as something that wasn't going to happen anyway. Through your vision and intention, you bring things about. I just LOVE knowing I have the power to do this! And, I love playing with it.

Last year, before the NAR Convention, I decided many vendors would be giving away iPads and I WANTED one! I was going to win one! So I visualkized, I told people I was going to win one and I entered at every booth that was giving them away. I did not win one at the convention. But I DID win one 6 weeks later when the Phoenix WCR Chapter had one as a fund raiser. The incident reminded me that the things I intend don't always come with the time frame I imagine, but but they do come!

Miracles show up in our lives as little things and big things. My grandchildren are definitely miracles. As is my new house. I had a picture on my wall in my office for 5 years that is almost identical to the view from my living room!

To wake up each day, healthy and with food in the fridge is a miracle! It's a miracle that the love of my life and I have been together 33 years! And I love the little ones -- like going to the used bookstore and finding the book I want out front on display, or getting a parking space right up front! I've noticed when I acknowledge and appreciate the ones that have already shown up, it seems to engender more happening.

I have started A Course in Miracles Workbook, with its 365 lessons. Each morning I read the Lesson for the day and spend a few minutes during the day of practicing. The initial lessons have been about what is real and what is made up and taken for reality. I am seeing most of what causes fear and unhappiness is because I am BELIEVING something that triggers those thoughts. By seeing, I am putting the meaning to it... rather than that is what it REALLY means ... gives me the ability to put another meaning on it so I am not negatively impacted.

So, what's that got to do with miracles? I know my Thoughts become Things™ (Thank you Michael Dooley) and when I focus on and intend what I DO want (instead of complaining & worrying about what I don't have), miracles unfold. Now, as I have experienced...they don't always come WHEN I think they should or dressed in the clothing I am expecting, but they do come. Being patient about this and letting go and trusting is all new to me... I am working on it and haven't perfected it!

Our move this summer and the slowdown in my work schedule are giving me some delicious time to do some cocooning & time to play with these concepts and I notice I am smiling more and troubled less.

What miracle(s) do you want in your life?

Some Coaching Tips:

  1. Notice anywhere you are stressed, worried or discontent. Then think about what rule or meaning or belief you have about that situation. Make up another possible meaning or belief (or several). Pick a new one that isn't draining.
  2. Wake up each morning and say, "This is going to be the best day ever" And then think what you could do to make that so.
  3. Identify something that is causing pain or worry. Spend 5 minutes with your eyes closed, taking nice deep breaths and Listen for your own inner wisdom and that of the powers in the universe to give you some insight about how to make it better. Do this daily and you'll find even if you don't get an immediate action, that there is less negativity impacting you.
  4. For any problem you have, ask yourself, "What is the absolute worst that could happen?" Often the worst is something we could survive or something that is unlikely to happen (I had one client answer that she would be a bag lady... .and then she realized that was an unrealistic fear AND she had skills that certainly would prevent that ever happening)
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Miah Kattman
Century 21 Commonwealth - Wellesley, MA
Thanks for the post. A great reminder for us "worrier" types for how to bring things into perspective. Also a great reminder that you need to visualize success to be successful.
Sep 08, 2011 01:48 PM
Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400
HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400 - Pikesville, MD
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Miracles happen..just like you say. You bring things about. You make them happen. You are one of kind...a miracle that we met for dinner because of the internet many years ago. I treasure your friendship.


Sep 08, 2011 02:31 PM
Ted J. Macy
Top Agents Atlanta Metro - Milton, GA

Course in Miracles is powerful, I need to get mine out and start again

Sep 08, 2011 04:45 PM