7 Secrets to Selling Your Home

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7 Secrets To Selling Your Home Video

Do you know there are 7 secrets to selling your home?

Did you know there is a secret real estate formula?

Did you know there are only three main factors that affect the marketability of a home?

Did you know most real estate professionals don't even know or can tell you what the those three main factors are that affect the marketability of a home?

Did you ever think about how is that realtor going to know how to balance your real estate formula if they don't know what those three factors affecting marketability?

Well by now you have guessed right, THEY CAN'T!

There ar 7 secrets to selling your home and the first is:

1. Know the real estate formula

2.Have a listing website that is unique to that property

3.Have an eTour-We are in the video age. Look how Youtube has exploded!

4.Have an 800 Call Capture number-All interested buyers should be called back!

5.Syndicate your home for sale on the web

6.Have SMS Texting capabilities to send directly to smart phones

7.Have Interactive Mapping and direction features-Google loves this and their spiders will grab that information and give your property more exposure.

The real estate formula is simply PRICE + ACCESS+ WAGES= SOLD HOME. These are the factors that affect the marketability and if your agent understands that all three must be in balance or the home will sit on the market.

Experience shows, homes in this market need to be PRICED at just a hint under the market value or no one will go see the home. National Association of Realtors tell us 82% of all buyers start their search for a home on the internet, and today's buyers have a pretty good feel for what their dollar will buy and if a home is within market value range or not.

Access to the home is critical, in today's market 30%-40% of the sales are distressed foreclosure sales. Bank Owned Foreclosures also known as REO's are vacant, so a buyer and their agent can go anytime, multiple times to see a home, this increases exposure to the property. Banks know how to price a home at market value, and always put a sign and have the home vacant when they put it on the market. They also understand the compensation necessary to attract a buyer's agent who controls the buyers and the inventory which they will see. So they give fair compensation to buyer's agents.

Which brings us to the third factor-WAGES this is also known as commissions which traditionally home owners think of it as what they pay to have a buyer's agent bring them a ready, willing and able buyer, to negotiate the deal and get it closed. But in today's market Banks and Developers both compete with individual home owners. They understand as good business people who are not emotionally attached to the property that the wages/commissions provide a far greater function and that is, the commission also serves as an advertising fee which pops off the page of the MLS when an agent has too much inventory to select from to provide to a buyer the agent through the mls limits the search criteria to a minimum compensation of 3%. When you have a boxy looking 4% or 5% sitting on a page of 100 plus listings all of which are the same criteria, it only makes sense that agent will say, "Let's go look at this home first" which is exactly what Developer/Lender or Savy Business person wanted the commission to do. Developers market to Broker's and agents directly offering 4,5,6 percent plus bonuses on a routine bases and even brandish to the agents that they will have to do very little paperwork.  That is who YOU as a homeowner are competing with, does that make sense?

A unique listing website is important, because agents routinely make the mistake of hiding their newest listing in a sea of other listings rather than creating a separate unique website featuring the property. Again it's all about exposure and marketing. After all, you need only one buyer to purchase the home, but if you have enough exposure and you get 2 or more, that will automatically drive up the price of the home because, you guessed right, people naturally want what they can't have. So as soon as someone else validates your home is a great home, they fear the loss of being able to buy your home and will automatically offer list price or better to make sure they get it. A buyer only has to loose one or two homes this way to realize, if they don't offer full list price in a multiple offer situation they are never going to get a home. And let's face it, after a while, buyers get tired of looking at homes and just want to pull the trigger, find the home, buy it and start living in it and enjoying their new lifestyle in it.

Etours, I don't have to elaborate to much here. It's obvious to all of us who have witness Youtube over the past 9 years explode in the amount of traffic it get's and all the viral videos and stars that have been discovered as a result of youtube. Video's sell, and buyers want an etour of the home before they coordinate schedules with their significant other to go take the time to see the home in person.

1-800 call capture numbers and a Free Recorded audio tour of the home is also one of the arrows in an Expert's quiver, because we all know, nobody likes to deal with sales people, but we do want the information. So, it's less likely they will call the real estate sign, because they will have to deal with a salesperson, but a 1-800 number with a Free Recorded message, that's not threatening and they will get the information they so greatly desire and crave. What's great about this is that now I have captured that prospective buyer's phone number and my system tells me which property address they called on and they can either press 1 to get the audio tour sent to their phone, 2 connect to the agent on call or 3 exit the system. Whether they want to connect with me or not, I promise my seller I will follow up with anyone showing an interest in the property. I then call them and provide them any information they seek. Most of the time the buyer's are surprised I have called back so quickly because most agents are not efficient at tracking let alone returning their calls.

The SMS Texting of the etour to a prospective buyers phone is satisfying the digital appetite and the microwave results buyers have for getting what they want conveniently and immediately.

And lastly, syndicating and broadcasting a home for sale and having a digital marketing strategy to give the home the widest exposure to the market place on the web is how true experts drive their business and get the most for the Homeowners they represent. This is directly tied into the fact that google is zip code driven and has GPS and geo locators for everything which again drive more traffic to your home for sale. Gone are the days of just sticking a sign on a home, relying of just the cars that drive by that sign, and having the home listed on the Multiple Listing Service. The l is on the net and that is where you need to be. Being aware of these 7 Secrets now explain why some homes sell right away and other's stay on the market for months sometimes years.

If you are wondering what the market is doing in your neighborhood, contact us now and I would love to do some research for you and send you an email that will tell you what homes are for sale now, what homes have sold recently and how long homes are taking to sell in your neighborhood. So you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have the most accurate information. This timely information will tell you right away how your market is right now! I imagine that information would be of value to you, would it not?

And those are the 7 Secrets to selling your home!

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Comments (2)

Martin Dorgan
Prudential Indiana Realty - Columbus, IN

Great advice to any agent, Lillian, or seller and specifically to buyer's that have not put their home on the market while they search for their new home.

Sep 09, 2011 07:57 AM
Ralph Gorgoglione
Maui Life Homes / Metro Life Homes - Kihei, HI
Hawaii and California Real Estate (310) 497-9407

Yes, your 7 secrets are quite true.  As a Los Angeles realtor, these secrets are a must!

Sep 09, 2011 07:58 AM