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Verona Wisconsin 53593, homes sale data and area info.

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The graph below is a snapshot of what is happening in the Verona home market.  Source Real Estate Guy

What you see is 2 trend lines.  One, the top blue line is the median (average) list price, the second, lower, green line is the average selling/closing price of a home in Verona Wi. (source  RealEstateGuy. )

It makes very interesting reading and I imagine you can draw your own conclusions.  Here are a couple   


Verona Home sale conclusions.  

·         *The gap between list and selling price was lowest in the winter.  This coincides with the sellers lower expectations.

·       * Notice how the sellers expectations rise in the spring, yet the number of homes on the market actually rises.  Possibly, this causes the price to continue to fall. 

·         *Actually the sold price does follow the late spring market we had.  Sales seemed to hold off, and kick into gear in May.

This software is readily available to anyone online.    It is part of RealEstateGuy’s website.  You can look up similar data on any Zipcode.  Additionally, there are 4 other tabs which will link you into some great data:

Community data will give all sorts of demographic info,   

* Schools   find out what schools are like

* Compare areas enables you co look up differences in 2 zip codes.  Great for relocating. 

* Finally some insider tips.  Check out our Market Insider here  all you need is a zip code. 

Let us know what you think!

Guy Lofts is a 10 year resident of Verona Wi.  Guy runs a team of Real Estate Agents called 

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Guy Lofts CRS,  is a long-term area resident who has been helping people make sound housing decisions since 1993.  Guy is a past president of the Wisconsin Chapter of CRS, the Certified Residential Specialists.  A leader in technology, having had his first personalized web page in 1995.  With a first Blog in 2006,  Guy has provided training with in his office and is to present a training at past Wisconsin Realtor conventions.

His passion is helping people improbe their quality of life through Real Estate.  That means whether you are in real estate of ust want to invest of buy a home, we can help you.

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