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Buyers love to look at photos on line of prospective homes they are looking to buy.  However; sometimes the photos do not do the home justice and they may skip over that listing.    Here are some camera tips to capture a room’s size.

1)       Remove area rugs:  They tend to make the room look smaller.  Keep the floor area as clear as possible.

2)      Use wide-angle camera:  When used for interior shots it will magnify the distance between objects and will show case the room’s depth.  Ultra-wide and fisheye lenses may make the room look wider and can be misleading so try and steer away from them.

3)      Get creative with furniture:  Again, revealing as much of the floor as possible makes the room look larger.  In a crowded room, try removing a few pieces of furniture or swapping with a smaller piece.  In the kitchen or dining area, it may look better to remove the leaf in the table.  If possible, adding a reading area to a master will make the bedroom reflect that more than a bed fits in that room.

4)      Fill it up! If there are large areas of no furniture or the home is vacant sometimes staging a room or home can be beneficial.  Rooms can sometimes appear larger with good pieces of furniture.  It also helps a buyer “visualize” their furniture in the home.

5)      Lighten up!  Brighter rooms will typically appear larger.  Darker rooms will come across smaller and dingy.   Turn on the lights and open drapes when taking photo.  Avoid shooting directly into the light source.

6)      Angle it!  The diagonal line is the longest visual line in the room.  Try shooting from a corner.  Take several shots so you can choose the best one, don’t limit yourself. 

7)      Remove clutter:  Clutter will make the room look smaller and more cramped.  Seller’s have to pack up anyway, ask them to pack up items and place them in storage.   Clutter steals the attention of the buyer from the room and the house.  Clear away paper stacks, walls of pictures or artwork, clutter countertops in bathrooms and kitchen especially.  Remove those magnets on the refrigerator. 

8)      Use the mirror!  A mirror can show off extra features you cannot fit into a camera shot. 

PICTURE THIS?  Did you get it all?  Let’s get the best photos so we can sell, sell, sell!!

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Mary Ellen Holleran
Holleran Real Estate - Chapel Hill, NC

Great tips! Pictures are incredibly important when listing a home.

Sep 09, 2011 10:35 AM