20 Fun Facts about Great Falls Montana

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20 Fun Facts about Great Falls Montana

Black Eagle Falls Great Falls Montana

Great Falls is home to the Worlds Shortest River - The Roe River - only 201 feet.

Great Falls is home to Giant Springs - the largest fresh water spring in the U.S.

Great Falls has 3 Rivers: The Sun, The Missouri and The Roe.

The Missouri River drops 500 feet in 21 miles over 5 different sets of falls.

Lewis and Clark portaged the 5 different sets of Falls in 1805.

In 1887 the first Train arrived in Great Falls.

Great Falls has had the most rapid temperature change registered in the United States (-32F - +15F in 7 minutes Jan 11, 1980)

Great Falls was home to the World's Oldest Man - Walter Breuning in 2011

Charlie Pride used to live in Great Falls.

Western Artist Charles M. Russell used to live here and helped Great Falls become known as the Western Art Capital of the World

7 Movies have been made in and around Great Falls.

In 2008 Great Falls had 64 city parks and 47,083 trees.

Great Falls is home to Malmstrom Air Force Base and the 341st Space Wing.

150 long range nuclear missiles are housed in silos around Great Falls.

The Montana State Fair is held in Great Falls each year.

Great Falls is also known as the Electric City due to the fact there are 5 hydroelectric dams in the area.

Depending on who's data you use, Great Falls is either the 2nd or 7th Windiest City in the nation.

The Great Falls River's Edge Trail extends over 40 miles along both sides of the Missouri River.

Riverside Railyard Skate Park 

The Riverside Railyard Skate park is over 27,000 square feet and is considered one of the top 5 skate parks in the Pacific Northwest.

Great Falls Select Beer used to be brewed here.


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