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Farewell ActiveRain -- New Kodak Contact and a tutorial - Cloud Printing 101!

Reblogger Mark Walser
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This is my last post as Kodak's real estate blogger.  I talked about Cloud Printing and bid everyone goodbye on ActiveRain.

I've totally enjoyed my time as a sponsor of ActiveRain and want to thank Kodak for the opportunity to have done so.

As I return to SettlementOne Valuation,  I look forward to continuing to support the real estate industry with better and better products.

Original content by Kim McAllister

Hello Activerain,

Well - with some sadness I write you for the last time as a Kodak employee. I've enjoyed my many interactions with you here in the rain and the good news is that this is only farewell, not goodbye.  Why?  Because I've been a member of Activerain personally since 2006, and that's not about to stop!  You can continue to reach me at www.activerain.com/markwalser - and I look forward to continuing the friendships and dialogue with so many of you that I've gotten to know over the last year!

The good news?  I'm going back to real estate (specifically valuation and mortgage data)  but I leave behind a great legacy and a proud sponsorship of Activerain through Kodak, and am proud to say that Kodak's commitment to the real estate industry remains strong and you will continue to have a great team with great products, and we are proud to sponsor Activerain!

So I'm going to transition our Kodak interaction with you to our real estate vertical group, and Kimberly McAllister will be replacing me as your contact for all questions Kodak.  I know you'll welcome her with the same grace and warmth that you showed me, and I hope that you all enjoy and take advantage of our continued support of real estate with our awesome new Kodak Hero Printer lineup, our Video Cameras, Digital Cameras and our High Speed Scanners.  Click the links at the bottom to learn or find out more.

Here's Kim! Please drop by our blog at www.activerain.com/kodak and say "Hi" when you have a chance.

   Kim Mcallister

So - since I've made it a point through my time here to try to educate and inform you on my posts and keep the hard sells to a minimum, I'm going to continue along a theme I introduced at Raincamp and give you a Cloud Printing 101 tutorial for my final blog as a Kodakian.  (Yep, that's what we call ourselves)   ;-)

Okay -  so we have an awesome new line of Cloud Printers, those of you who attended Raincamp know about them - the new KODAK HERO cloud-ready printers.


As you can see they feature snazzy new designs and you can get them at a discount by visiting this link:  http://tinyurl.com/kodakheroprinters

The Kodak Office Hero 6.1 would be my recommendation for real estate because it has a duplexing print and dupexing scanner  (that means double sided printing and scanning), and a 200 sheet paper tray with Cloud.   The Hero 9.1 is just as brawny, but only has duplex printing and single sided scanning - however it has dual paper trays (100 sheet regular paper and 40 sheet photo paper). All of our printers are also WIFI capable.  If you don't need the duplexing scanner and print a lot of photos, you might consider the Kodak Hero 9.1.


Now these Kodak Hero Printers are cloud-ready printers which means they come pre-loaded with Google Cloud Print functionality and also our email-to-print service called Kodak Email Print Service

We are also the only manufacturer to date that will make Cloud Printing available to all of our legacy customers with a WIFI capable printer - That's great news for the many of you who bought a printer over the last year - you'll be able to get a Cloud software/firmware upgrade from Kodak that will enable this feature for you.  (Unless you want an even faster and better printer, in which case we truly won't mind if you buy a new one....honest!)

As you can tell, I'm very excited about the Cloud and so many of you wrote some really great use case for how real estate agents can save time by printing on the go on the ActiveRain Facebook Page.   Combine this with our low cost ink, water and fade resistant ink, and Kodak lab quality photo imaging capability;  and the Kodak Hero Printers become the ultimate office printing business tool for your real estate work or home office.

Welcome to Intelligent Printing

Kodak gives you two smart and simple ways to print from the cloud. With KODAK Email Print and Google Cloud Print™, you can send photos and documents to your home printer from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet, or computer (see our cloud print page for device limitations) . It's easy and free, and as always, you'll save when you print with your KODAK All-in-One Printer.

Click the Link to learn more or just read the basics below




Activerain, you've been so good to me!   My friends, I leave you with a quote from Jim Elliot, a Christian missionary who was martyred last century by the Auca Indians.  His inspirational writing and works live on through his wife Elisabeth Elliot.  

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." --  Jim Elliot

I have gained your friendship and valuable insight over the last year.  Thanks for what you have taught me and I hope that in some small or large way, we at Kodak were able to give back to you as well, and will continue to do so!   You're all awesome, and I will see you "in the rain...".  Keep in touch - Cheers!


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Charlie Ragonesi
AllMountainRealty.com - Big Canoe, GA
Homes - Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Pros

Hey Mark best wishes for you in your new venture. I was a fan of your posts

Sep 11, 2011 05:42 AM
Vickie Nagy
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate - Palm Springs, CA
Vickie Jean the Palm Springs Condo Queen

We'll look forward to your new personality/profile on Active Rain. I think it's very important to follow your inclinations in employment. To your continued success!

Sep 11, 2011 05:46 AM
Mark Walser
Appraisal Management Professional - Hemby, NC
President, Incenter AMC

Hey Charlie - Thank you very much - please stay in touch!


Hey Vickie - thanks so much.  My "new/old" personality.  I loved Kodak, but I'm going back to a Director of Strategy position at SettlementOne Valuation.  A little more inclined toward my strategic management side - thank you for the support and make sure you follow me for all thing AIR, Appraisal and UAD related.

Sep 11, 2011 06:32 AM