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EXTER, NH  October 25, 2007 - CREATE A REFERRAL ARMY - HTTP://WWW.MYGREENPARACHUTE.COM is expanding nationally.  This is now the most complete referral service for Real Estate Professionals in the industry.  Anyone, active or inactive, can now legally earn commissions and referral income while affiliated with

 Carolyn Kindley - Single, Founder of says, "Everyone can now win regardless of their current career status.  Active agents can enroll an army of what we call "Professional Referral Agents," and really own their segment of the market.  Agents who, for wahtever reason, become inactive, can still earn referral income without the expense of fees and dues.  Brokers win because they can provide something of value that helps agents at every level of their careers.  And, with the addition of our industry exclusive, "RETIRE WITH ROYALTY" program, those with successful careers cna maintain a flow of income long after they do their last showing."

 The company has made an eight million dollar training commitment to the industry.  Individual offices, local boards, state associations, can all contact the company for speaking and training help.  Currently the company is beginning the launch of it's "Success on Sale" campaing where offices can have top trainers for a fraction of the cost because part of the fee is being sponsored by

In addition, the company is pleased to announce the ability to sell licensed territories throughout the US.  These territories can allow a broker to virtually own the referral market while maintaining his or her current agency.  The brokers would be trained in the operation and management of the territory and all expenses for training are paid by

For information about speaking, training, or opportunities for ownership, email

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Can alway use good info Thanks for the post!

Oct 25, 2007 06:34 AM