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Great tips!!  It's always difficult to look at a small space and invision how to make it work.  Fact is there are some really creative tricks to make a small space a GREAT one!!

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Austin-City-Living-Animal-HouseLiving in a dorm, small apartment, or efficiency may seem like living in a sardine can to some people, but even the smallest of spaces can become a gorgeous home with plenty of room. And no, I don’t mean by tearing it down and building something new. It only takes a few strategic decorating choices. Follow the tips below and your tiny space will transform into a home fit for a king.

Furniture Choose furniture that serves multiple functions. Use a futon or a sofa-bed instead of having both a couch and a bed. Substitute a trunk for a coffee table and storage cubes for end tables. That way you not only have great furniture, but extra storage space as well. Instead of big, bulky chairs and a huge table, buy a small table that can convert to be bigger when needed and smaller chairs or stools that can be stacked in a corner when not in use.

Storage Space Utilize every inch of possible storage space. Underneath the bed, every shelf in every cabinet, the area under the sink, etc. Make good use of the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Book shelves are not only good for storing books. You can put CD’s, movies, clothes, knick-knacks, food, or any number of things on them. Put everything away when not in use.

Austin-City-Living-Small-ApartmentMount It When floor space is scarce, take advantage of the wall space. Get a TV that mounts on the wall. Consider wall/ceiling mounted lighting fixtures instead of floor lamps. Wall mounted shelving takes up much less space than book shelves. Be careful when hanging shelves above a sofa or bed; know how low you can go without the danger of anyone hitting their head. Another neat idea is to buy or create your own ceiling rack for your pots and pans. This will leave you with a lot more cabinet space in the kitchen. Austin-City-Living-Small-Apartment-Idea

Décor Choose soft, light tones like blues and greens to make the space seem open and airy. Also, the space should be well lit. Add some extra lighting if possible. Get rid of heavy draperies and open the windows when you can. Coordinate the furniture colors with the wall color. Contrasting colors will break up a space. The furniture will blend with the space and be less interrupting if it matches the wall color. A well placed mirror will also make a room look bigger. Just be careful of the size and placement. Mirrors with bulky frames may have the opposite effect. You should never place a mirror in the kitchen/dining area, or anywhere that will have a reflection of the television.


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