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To understand the way CREW Miami designs and develops real estate websites, we first need to understand (for those who are not 100% familiar with the concept of Feng Shui) what this ancient Chinese art is.

Feng Shui is system of aesthetics that literally means “Wind - Water”, which in Chinese culture wind and water are correlated with good health, thus Feng Shui is now associated with good luck. Feng Shui is a very complex body of knowledge that balances the energies of any given space to assure the good fortune, health and abundance for people inhabiting it. Feng Shui is simply a harmonious balance between placement, aesthetics and colors that give the spirit a sense of relaxation and joy.

So how do we “CREW Miami” use this 3000 Chinese science to create our sites? This is the process we follow after we have sort out the ideas of our clients in order of importance.

The First Phase (The Design)

This is the most crucial phase of the real estate web development. CREW Miami has created a set of flawless layouts designed to bring a harmonious look and feel from the first moment you visit our sites. We integrate our expertise in graphic design and real estate experience to bring you the ultimate experience in web navigation and property search flow. You can only make a good first impression once. Your real estate website is your office online and it will will always represent who you are in the industry and how successful you have become through out your career. Having a cubicle is not the same as having a big corner office with water view right?

The Second Phase (Color Creation)

We create a unique color palate that will best represent the image of the real estate professional or real estate agency. Just think of it this way. How many times have you suggested your clients (when listing a property) to change the colors to white or any netrual color to stage the property better for a faster sale? picking the best colors for your real estate website is not any different. You want your clients to have a sense of visual relaxation from the moment they press “enter” when they visit your real estate website.

The Third Phase (The Development)

Developing a real estate website is not like developing any other site. Real estate web development involves the integration of an IDX solution, and this integration needs to be seamless. The integration also requires a thorough understanding of both, web development and real estate as an industry, and CREW Miami has developed exclusive plugins compatible with WordPress that makes this integration better than a walk in the park. Our technology truly opens a whole new world of possibilities in real estate web development and raising the bar to a higher level makes us today the best company in the industry.

For more information on how CREW Miami can custom develop your new real estate website or on how to optimize your old one, give us a call or fill out the contact form under "Contact Us" and share with us your idea of a perfect real estate site so we can bring it to life.      


Miguel Angel Peralta

CREW Miami Vice President

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