Napa Valley Riverfront Building

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Napa Valley's Riverfront Building was completed in 2009, just two short years ago.  This is a mixtures shops and restaurants on the 1st floor, and condos on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Our office is right on the corner across the street, so this is my daily view from the office.  The Lesti Team has now referred a few of the residences over there, and we have a lot of informations on the condo's if needed.  You can also visit the website: for more information.



It is the home of Morimoto's a restaurant owned by Morimoto himself (from Foodnetwork's Iron Chef).  You can get around the prices by going to their lunchbox special at lunch time.  It's $25 and includes your choice of an ontray, tempura veggies in a blue cheese sauce, sushi, and miso soup or salad. 



Rotissary and Wine owned by Foodnetwork's Tyler Florance.  Wonderful American Comfort food.  Highly recommended!


If you like Sea Food, you can also try out the amazing Fish Story. They have fresh baggets delivered from a local bakery, and wonderful clam chowder.



The Riverfront Building also has an AMAZING visitor's center with IPads and brochures of local winerys, they even have their own app.   We have people from all over the world constantly coming in our office asking about it.  Definately a first stop when visiting Napa:

Every day we watch the Riverfront bring tourism to down town Napa, if you're on your way to Napa for a visit, and you stop by the Riverfront - make sure wave to us as you Drive by!!


All our Best,

The Lesti Team

Brendan Lesti

(707) 337-0659



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Linda K. Mayer
License # 01767321 - La Verne, CA

Mark, (had to look high and low for your name!) awesome view.  I don't think I'd ever leave the office, well except to eat at one of those amazing restaurants...

Sep 14, 2011 12:42 PM