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The Market is Changing ... You Either GetRich or Die a Slow Death!

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hey everyone,

a lot of people have been asking me lately...

"hey ron, where the heck have you been lately??  i haven't heard a single *peep* from you in a while and i was just wondering what in the world you have been up to?"

well, there's several good reasons why i've been laying low under the radar as of late.

#1)  i've went back into the 'LAB' to test-out some new things that i've been seeing start to pop-up all over the place, yet, most people have totally overlooked this...

... and even a fewer have figured out how to actually capitalize on this rapidly growing trend.

but guess what?

after monitoring the results of my tests in the 'LAB' as of late, i've cracked the code... and for a very select elite group of people, (my closest business associates),

... i'm going to share my results with the members of this elite group so that we can capitalize on this growing trend before anyone else.

so if you've been thinking about becoming a member of my elite group of associates, now is the best time to fill-out an application and see if you qualify to be accepted.

e-mail me at reedr@firstweber.com for an application.

#2)  the other reason why i've been gone for a while is because i've been having some secret *closed-door* meetings with some of my friends who are some of the top real estate producers in the world.

i've been brainstorming with them.

discussing the latest trends.

and picking their brains on where the industry is going.

and i don't know if i should tell you this or not but...

the real estate market is changing!  (surprise, surprise!)

one of my buddies told me now is the perfect time to either GetRich and adapt to the market changes, and position yourself ahead of the curve...

... or otherwise your business will die a slow and gruesome death!  (you won't even know what happened to you.)

look at our current real estate market.

look at our current mortgage market.

for the last 5-years... these markets absolutely exploded and those who got in the right time, and were in the right place made out like bandits!

but now... whew!  it's a tough market!

and people are dropping off to the side in droves because now they can hardly survive.

that's one of the markets that have dramatically changed.

it appears that it's going to come down to basic "Darwinism"...

it's going to come down to the 'survival of the fittest'.  you either adapt to the market changes... or you say like the japanese say:

'Sayonara' = (goodbye!)

pick-up a copy of today's L.A. times, open it up to the business section, and right there smack on the front page is a 'clue' to what i discovered and will give you a little 'taste' of where the market is heading.

then check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from RIS Media (the top eal estate media source)... check out what they are saying about the changes going on with Web 2.0 technologies and mapping services.

that's your 2nd clue.

the market is changing... and if you don't see the writing on the wall... it's over-rover for you!

mark you calenders because on October 31st, 2007... not only is Halloween, but that day could also be the day that your business life changes forever.


because on that day, i'm going to release the next generation of real estate success... that is the day i'm going to reveal to all of my closest associates what i see happening in the marketplace.

that is the day where if you've ever wanted to become a successful real estate professional... i'm going to show you how to stack the deck in your favor, show you how to get the best odds in your business...

... and i'm going to share with you something that no one else is hardly talking about yet in the open public.

all of my "inner circle" goo-roo friends know this stuff.  but for the average guy or gal out here on the net, this is stuff you probably didn't even know existed.

and that's why my "inner circle" of friends are doing 80% of the transactions... while you're still struggling and spinning your wheels trying to make ends-meet.

it doesn't have to be that way!

and on October 31st, that may be the day you finally discover the answer that you've been looking for to take your business from where it is today... to where you want it to be.

and for a limited time, you can fill-out an application today and see if you qualify to become a member of this "inner circle" of my closest associates.

but you must take action now.

you must contact me for this application and complete it... the return it to me.

and let's see if you have what it takes to become a member of my *EXCLUSIVE* inner-circle so you can learn the things i know... and put it towards your own business so that you can position yourself ahead of the curve.

e-mail me at reedr@firstweber.com for an application.   (... and let's see if you're an *ACTION-TAKER* because those are the only people i want to work with.)


and if you want to learn more about me, please feel free to read my ActiveRain profile...

... or contact me at reedr@firstweber.com   --   if you prefer to talk with me personally, then call me at (608)241-8348.


talk soon,