Mr. and Ms. Florida Realtor are you getting your share of pre-approved buyers from your favorite Licensed Florida Loan Originator?

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Mr. and Ms. Florida Realtor are you getting your share of pre-approved buyers from your favorite Licensed Florida Loan Originator?

If not perhaps you should be using a Loan Originator with a excellent On-Line SEO presence.

Search on line and find out which local Loan Originators are getting the calls from the buyers prior to them making the trip to Florida to find a home. Reach out to these Loan Officers. Often an email is enough to introduce yourself as someone who would like to be added to his/her list of Realtors for your prospective areas. Phone calls and personal introductions help as well.

Begin by searching Active Rain for top loan originators in your neck of the woods. It doesn't get any easier than that to build a relationship. Obviously working with a loan originator to get a loan closed is the best way to establish a long term relationship with that particular loan officer.


Google the same search words prospective buyers would in search of a local loan officer to assist them with information on loan products or to provide them with a pre-approval prior to making the trip down to Florida in search of a property.

Here is a short list of common search words people may use in search of a mortgage loan. Tampa Government home Loans, Tampa FHA Loans, Tampa USDA Loans, Tampa VA loans, Tampa Mortgage Loans, Tampa Home Loans, Tampa Conventional Home Loans, Tampa No Money Down Home Loans, Tampa down payment assistance programs for home loans, Tampa FHA 203K loans, Tampa Rehab Loans, Tampa Home Improvement Loans etc.....of course use your own city as a precursor.

Find a loan officer with a local presence who has front page SEO who is accessible by phone, email and who has been in the business for at least 5 years. The 5 years proves he/she is a survivor even in the hardest of times. It means that Loan officer was here prior to the collapse in real estate values and is still thriving in the most difficult of times. Look for Links to sites dated in the last 12 months. Much has changed in the last year in the lending community and these links will have your most up to date and accurate information in them.

I have always needed Realtors to send me buyers and I am happy to give back now that SEO has leveled the playing field and allowed me the opportunity to get the call first directly from the prospective buyer.

Good luck and happy selling.

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