How Tight Are Buyers' Shoes?

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My own feelings about working with Buyers are well explained in this thoughtful post I'm reblogging from Active Rain, a real estate blogging site to which I belong.  My persoal motto is "With US It's All About You!" and to see "What our Clients say about us" just go our website and click on the tab.   

Credit and comment for this thoughtful post whould be directed to Jon Zolsky of Daytona Beach, Florida at the Active Rain link below

Original content by Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL

I have posted a few times recently about Buyer Broker Agreement, one post was featured and there were a lot of comments, another one wasn't and there were very few comments. I thought like I did not succeed and I did not see the reason to keep trying until I ran into a very good Alan May's post If you represent them, set them free.  I was glad he posted it. I think that agents would benefit from reading it.

The stunning lesson from reading comments to my blogs was that often times we do not walk in Buyers' shoes. It was all about us, how to protect ourselves, our commissions, how to keep control over the buyer...

I thought that inability to walk in Buyer's shoes was suicidal. The world is changing, and the only people who do not want to change seem to be us. We want to hear what we want to hear. Not the reality out there...

And then I received this e-mail from John. John and his wife have just bought a beautiful condo in oceanfront building in Daytona Beach Shores.  We closed less than 2 weeks ago. It started with a phone call, then they came to Daytona, looked at only very few properties and put an offer on this gorgeous condo.

What I did not know at that time was that John read all my blogs on AR. The e-mail he sent to me was after those posts about BBA, and I thought that he expressed what I failed to relay to my readers.

If you are serious in this business, you can't afford looking at it through our self centered glasses. This is not how Buyers see it, and we already learned that we either find the way to work with them, or they find another agent.

John gave me the permission to post his e-mail, and I did not change a word, not even the name.

Dear Jon,

I have been reading some of your blogs on AR. I think your approach is the correct approach in almost any field of selling. Win people's business by competence and hard work instead of trying to bind by a contract. I truthfully would laugh in the face of a salesman who wanted me to sign a contract to show me his inventory. My time is worth as much as that of the salesman. I am surprised anyone would sign such a contract.

The agents that are so burned by customers who took up their time without buying or bought from someone else might talk to salesmen in any other fields. That happens to everyone who sells. I sold for thirty years and I understood the customer had plenty of choices. I worked with high net worth people and they would have strongly resisted giving up their flexibility to help me feel more secure. I wonder what type of customer signs a contract with a buyer's agent. Are they unaware of their options?

Thanks again for your help with the purchase. You did a great job and didn't even need a contract to keep us as a client.


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I was very pleasantly surprised to see the reblog. And I was even more pleasantly surprised that there are many members who are able to walk in Buyer's shoes

Thank you

Sep 14, 2011 04:29 PM