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Networking, rubbing elbows, wine and dine, schmoozing, or just plain talking with people.  It is all the same. I always joke with my friends and acquaintances that I just don’t like people and yet I am in sales? Why you ask have I been in some form of sales since my first job? I honestly don’t know. I started selling hamburgers at the Jefferson District Park in Fairfax County, VA at the ripe old age of 14 (back when you had to have your parents and principals permission to work) then moved on to floral sales, graduated college and started selling kitchens and baths, then furniture, scrapbook stuff, Tupperware and the natural progression to homes, right?


I have been a REALTORÒ for about 3 ½ years and some days I love it and some days I don’t so much. It happens to everyone when you see your neighbor’s house for sale and think to yourself, you idiot, why isn’t it MY sign in front of their house.  Well my thought is, it’s one of two reasons. 1. They just don’t want to have a business relationship with you (which I can respect) or 2. They just forgot you were in the business.


I just experienced the “just forgot you were in the business” with a client and friend. I am working on getting my website up and running and my colleague and I met with a web designer yesterday who we are very impressed with. But in the process of having this meeting and getting a Facebook business page up and running (yes, I am slow) my client/friend said, “If you ever need any help with a web site or anything just let me know”. Well, duh, when I first met Brian he had a fantastic website up and running for another organization we were involved in. I was very impressed with his work!  But it went back to the “he is my client, he is buying a house” I completely forgot what he does for a living!  So here comes the guilt on my part. I will apologize to him later that I forgot. However how easily did I forget what a friend does for a living? If it happens to me, I know it happens to bunches of people I associate with and talk with every day. People just don’t think I am still in the business or just plain don’t know! SHAME ON ME!!!


I have always said I don’t want people to see me coming and say, “quick, go the other way, she is going to talk real estate again” but ya know what, I may just about be over that.  If I were going to hire a REALTOR Ò I would want to hire me. I need to make sure everyone else know that too! I am sarcastic, have a dry sense of humor, quick witted but I will work my butt off (I need to work a little off) for you and get you what you want, not what I think you want but actually what you want!


So the leaf is turning (its fall you know) and I am going to promote myself and remind everyone that I am a working REALTOR Ò and that I do want their business. I will work hard for them and the decision to hire me will be the best one they could make!


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