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Homes for Sale in Reston Virginia: Energy efficiency is the new buzz word when searching for a home to buy. Decide what you need or want to have as an energy efficient feature so you can ask specific questions about that particular item or appliance when you speak to the seller of the house. The fact is that a home can be advertised as energy efficient if it has any number of upgraded systems or appliances. It may just have a tankless hot water heater or a solar panel for the landscape irrigation system.

The New Energy Efficient HomesThat means you could be looking at a home that is completely solar powered with connection to a city or municipal grid or perhaps the appliances have been upgraded to Energy Star efficiency and the hot water is on a wind turbine. The truth is that almost any attempt at energy efficiency will save you money on your utility bills. The price of the house may directly reflect the cost of installation of the more efficient systems or appliances. Solar total units can be quite expensive when installed for the whole house and everything in it. If you must pay $20k extra for the house that is otherwise nothing special you might or might not want to pay the extra costs.

Weigh the costs of converting a modestly priced home to energy efficient features. If you can pick up a nice solid house that would convert nicely to solar or wind power, it might be better to buy cheap and install the systems yourself. On the other hand, if you’d rather not bother with the details and construction, you will want to buy the house that’s already set up for you to save money on your utilities. One other thing to consider is that when the seller is asking you to pay for the energy saving features, remember that he or she has most likely already collected the tax credit benefit for the efforts and expense.

You will not be able to make such a claim on your taxes if you don’t do the installation when you own the home. That may make it worth your efforts to buy a house at a good price, and then do your own upgrades and conversions. You will then be able to collect on the tax credits for federal, state, and municipal taxes depending on the programs available where you live.

The New Energy Efficient HomesOur Fairfax team specializes in finding creative solutions to real estate problems that others won’t touch. It is through this collaboration that we can provide you with rock bottom priced homes and motivated home buyers and investors from around Northern VA. We will work to make your home purchase and sales processes as easy as possible, while providing you with the most up-to-date information of your transaction process as it develops.

Lee Allen Team works to preserve the dream of home ownership for those who are experiencing the financial and emotional duress associated with unwanted or financially unstable property. We know what our business is; we know what we do well, and we believe that we are the best possible solution for people caught up in circumstances beyond their control.

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Thank you for sharing very detailed information on the new energy efficient homes.

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