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Did you know that many things change over time?

For example, when I look in the mirror I can see that this is true.  I just get better looking as time goes on!! :)

Question: Do you own life insurance?  During the purchase of your life insurance policy, you probably made certain assumptions about your future needs, interest rates, planned premiums and other issues.  But life constantly changes.  The original reason for your purchase may still exist; however your needs may have changed requiring more or less coverage.

That’s why it is so important to regularly review your life insurance coverage.  A new family situation, a different career, a shift in financial status, a change in health – any of these common events, as well as many others, prompts a re-evaluation.  Do the life insurance choices that you made years ago still make sense now?  Is the policy you own the most efficient policy today?  A Life Insurance Audit answers these questions.

Ash Brokerage whom I work with does Life Insurance Audits.  Ash Brokerage is a family-operated insurance brokerage general agency based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This service that we offer is free of charge to you.

About 75% of the time a life insurance audit will allow you to improve on what you currently own.

A Life Insurance Audit may:

  • Increase death benefit
  • Lower premiums
  • Extend coverage duration
  • Increase projected cash accumulation
  • Ensure financial strength of carrier

Now that you know, call or write today to schedule your free Life Insurance Audit!

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