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We have received many questions recently about the process of applying for a USDA Home Loan in Florida. What is the loan application process for Rural Development /USDA, how long does it take? Additionally, how long does the USDA closing process take, etc.  We have outlined some clarification below to help –


The USDA mortgage application process is the first step. You need to find out if you eligible and qualified before anything else right?  During this time your USDA loan specialist will talk about your needs and first determine if you and your family meet the USDA Rural Housing eligibility criteria. USDA eligibility requirements include location – are you looking for a house in a USDA approved area?  Is your current household income below the allowable county limit for the USDA 502 guarantee program? Income limits are different in each Florida County, and depend on many different variables. Click here for more information about USDA income limits in Florida.


Once we determine you meet the USDA Rural Housing eligibility factors, we move on to qualifying. During the USDA qualifying process we look at credit, job history, debt to income ratios, etc. During this time we will determine how much home you qualify for assuming your credit score is sufficient. Once we complete the full USDA loan application, we will review and call you back the same day with a decision. The entire process to determine eligibility and USDA qualifying takes around 20 min. Wow, that was easy!


Ok, so you received your USDA home loan pre approval, congrats!  What’s next you may ask?  Start looking for that special home. Once you find the home and have a complete purchase contract, the USDA loan processing starts.  The entire USDA processing, appraisal, inspection and closing process takes around 35-45 days to complete. The exact times depend on what Florida County your new home is located in. But on average the USDA closing time frame is around 40 days.

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