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Frequently, clients are busy during the day working and such.  So as agents we must take our clients during the early evenings to view homes.

While most homes have electricity, a few have no power, no water and we have to maneuver in a home that is not well lighted.  I plan to view the vacant homes first so if we run across a home that is without power we can still go in and look around.  I also carry flashlights for dark laundry rooms.

We were looking at lake homes with plenty of old Florida charm.  When I say Florida charm, I’m referring to owls that hoot, hawks, and the other critters that frequent our wooded areas.  I never realized owls hoot in the day time, I always thought it had to be pitch dark.  While living here in Florida I have learned so much about our great outdoors.  Anyway, I digress.  

I open the door to this lovely 4 bedroom home that has a sweeping view of the lake.  We enter and it is vacant with no power.  No problem, it is 6:30pm and we have light.  My clients start looking around and I am getting the feeling they are loving the house.  Needs some work but all cosmetic.  I am looking about to point out some of the upgrades in the house. Suddenly a piercing scream is heard from one of the bedrooms.  I run to where the scream was last heard and almost bump into the wife as she is vacating the Master Bedroom.  Two squirrels are right behind her and it is chaos.  I run to the front door and then the sliding glass doors to open them.  Husband (client) is also opening windows and the wife is outside panting.  After about 30 minutes the squirrels are no longer in the house. At least we think they are gone.  After everyones calmed down we start laughing and it was such a relief.  We went back into the house and resumed the viewing.  Believe it or not they are buying the house.  

How do squirrels get in a home?  It was sealed tight.  No unlocked doors or windows.  I consider them my good luck squirrels. They didn’t look starved so I’m assuming they weren’t in the house long.  If this works they can come to all my viewings.  My clients were good sports and I am lucky they weren’t turned off by our wildlife in action.  The home is beautiful and I see them often on the lake.  

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Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
Gibson Management Group, Ltd. - Charlottesville, VA

I don't show OCCUPIED rental homes after 5P * my preference is to show them during the day when my residents are at work or gone and NOT when they are home with their family.  

I have photos of the home VACANT on my website so that prospects can decide if they want to re-schedule their day to view it at lunch or leave work early to view it between 3P and 5P

Sep 17, 2011 01:12 AM
Gloria Losie
Solid Source Realty Ga - Cumming, GA

That is a great idea.  

Mar 20, 2012 12:39 AM

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