Moving my buyers

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I am anxious to get my buyers moving. I have several in my "pipeline" but they seem to be stuck. One investor in Boston is waiting for his sister to find the perfect home, my 2nd home purchase client is not in a rush to buy in Flagstaff, my FTHB can't seem to find the ideal square footage and my other FTHB is hoping his credit scores have improved over the last few months to be able to qualify. The buyers are out there. We need to find them, nurture them and have patience with their time line. (Lori speaking to self)

Although our home prices are still slipping and short sales take forever to close, I am still optimistic about the end of 2011. Rates are still fantastic and the inventory is huge. It's a great time to buy real estate in Arizona!

Maybe, just maybe our government will come up with a refi program with some substance that will actually help consumers who are already home owners. What do you think?

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