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For home sellers and buyers looking to purchase an OCWEN Short Sale property in Oklahoma, BEWARE! As of a couple weeks ago (September 2011) the OCWEN'S DISAPPEARING SHORT SALE DEPARTMENT was an available entity that processed ALL Short Sale Offers.


Realtors and home owners working an OCWEN Short Sale: Ask what department you are talking to as you may erroneously think you are speaking to OCWEN'S DISAPPEARING SHORT DEPARTMENT. Customer Service representatives do a cursory review of the notes in their system and give you the easiest answer they can find to move on to the next call. I recommend taking copious notes with dates, times and the customer service representative's name so that you may guide the next representative through their own system. Ridiculous! Yes, you will have to do OCWEN'S DISAPPERIG SHORT SALE DEPARTMENTS' job for them. This will take up to 25 minutes (my experience on the many calls I have made) to get through their hold time and provide proper tutelage for their reps.

Only after asking if I was speaking to a Short Sale Representative was I informed that they no longer had a Short Sale Department, only Short Sale Negotiators who do NOT take calls. Due to high call volume and their inability to handle the influx of calls, they changed their system of processing all Short Sales. OCWEN'S DISAPPEARING SHORT SALE DEPARTMENT must now schedule an "appointment" to call YOU to discuss any offers that are currently being reviewed. They emphatically insist that you be available at the scheduled time and that it is your responsibility to call if you are unable to make the appointed time as they are extremely busy. However, upon making this appointment in which they require you to block out a two hour window and be available to a fax and computer....they DID NOT CALL.

Luckily my cell phone goes with me and waiting by the phone is no longer a tethered event, however, no call ever came. I called OCWEN'S DISAPPEARING SHORT SALE DEPARTMENT AGAIN to ask that a supervisor call me immediately. Surprisingly (insert sarcasm here), no call ever came. This is an ongoing celebration of the OCWEN'S DISAPPERING SHORT SALES DEPARTMENT ineptitude.

Not only is OCWEN disregarding four sets of lives (the seller, the buyer and two sets of agents working to help our clients) but they are disregarding the vast amount of money lost in this transaction. Money that will eventually trickle down to our markets by way of lower property values when it does sell at Sheriff's Sale for considerably less than the value of surrounding homes in the area.

I don't know where this Short Sale will end up, but I can assure you that this agent has spent countless hours speaking and guiding OCWEN'S DISAPPEARING SHORT SALE DEPARTMENT (when they did have a department) through their own system. Oklahoma home owners and buyers involved in an OCWEN SHORT SALE, hold on, you're in for a bumpy, long ride.  

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Tracy Lee Parker

I understand Valerie, having experienced "The Disappearing Short Sale Department" with Ocwen myself! They are no longer taking calls was the same answer I got! Well said post.

Sep 23, 2011 06:12 PM
Valerie Duncan Stewart
(Metro First Realty) - Oklahoma City, OK
Real Estate Agent-Broker, OKC, OK

Tracy Lee,

Whew! I thought it was just me!! Infuriating, exasperating and frustrating all at the same time. How we are supposed to "sell" their inventory when they are no longer available for comunication. 

Thanks and good luck to you, keep me posted.

Sep 25, 2011 03:47 AM
Samantha Lee


I am going through a horrible experience dealign with OCWEN too.  There's only 18 days left until there's a foreclosure sale on 3/22/2013, AND the loan was transferred from Homeward to OCWEN on 2/28/2013.  Here's a brief time line:
2/15/2013: letter from Homeward stating the OCWEN will be new servicer
2/21/2013: letter posted at property announcing sale date 3/22/2013
2/22/2013: short sale package submitted
2/25/2013: Homeward rep confirms receipt of package but asks for RMA. i explain that foreclosure is within 30 days and there file does not qualify for HAFA. HAFA opt-out form submitted to Homeward.
2/28/2013: loan transferred to OCWEN

I've been calling both old servicer Homeward and new service OCWEN. Homeward doesn't want to deal with me. OCWEN has no information. Mean while, time is ticking. It's so unfair that a foreclosure date is nearing and the servicer has no idea what's going on. There should be a temporary freeze in foreclosure if the loan is being transferred...WHAT CAN I DO???????

Frustrated and deperately doing anything I can to help my client.

Mar 04, 2013 03:39 AM
Valerie Duncan Stewart
(Metro First Realty) - Oklahoma City, OK
Real Estate Agent-Broker, OKC, OK

Samantha Lee,


I am sorry for your frustration and understand it very well. I had the worst time with OCWEN and now I am going through the very same thing you are going through with Bank of America. 

I eventually got the OCWEN short sale sold but not before it was scheduled for a sheriff's sale, then pulled from sheriff sale the DAY OF THE SALE and then finally approved and sold. It was a horrible transaction for everyone involved and OCWEN could've cared less. I just called every day, don't know if that was the determining factor or what. 

Follow this link and if possible, join this group. Short Sale Superstars are an incredible resource for asking and finding out information. I am sure someone may have had a sale with OCWEN recently.


I hope this helps. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I am sorry I couldn't be any more help. 

Mar 04, 2013 09:48 AM


I am not sure what is going on with OCWEN either.  I am processing a short sale, and OCWEN’S representatives do not know what one hand is doing from the other. I was informed that the HAFA incentive…, had to be completed, no matter what-and for each tenant. I was then- later informed that there are no more HAFA incentives.


 Another strange occurrence-on 7/15/13 my seller received a denial letter; but on 7/19/13, I was advised that all of my documents were in place and the approval was in process.


Is OCWEN in some sort of violation?  I am being informed that tenants’ are no longer eligible for HAFA incentives.  Apropos to this, they harassed me about the non-owner occupancy certification.  I explained the property was being purchased as is with the tenants. At the advice of a supervisor, “the HAFA incentives and certification had to be completed”.  Okay, I sent in three certifications on 7/12/13.  Now I am being informed-as of 7/15/13 that $3000.00 incentive for one tenant had to be credited back to OCWEN, because they will only pay two relocation fees. On 7/19/13, I was advised that all incentives should be removed from the HUD1 and credited back to OCWEN.


 I have been forwarding documents to OCWEN for the past three months-only to learn that the docs were never received [OCWEN OFFICIALS SAID].  I have the representative on automatic record stating all docs were in place; this has happened on many occasions throughout this unnecessary long process.


Strangely, we had an incident from a previous investor who was interested in buying the property. In error, OCWEN faxed me an approval letter for this individual.  I later learned that this individual forged the owners name and all documents.  The exact time frame based on my investigation of the dates on the forged documents—until I received the short sale approval letter was one week.   This issue has since been resolved.  


I think there is some inside illegal mess going on.  Viewing the particulars of my specific case, something is definitely wrong.


How can OCWEN give an approval for forged documents within a matter of a week? And why would they send my seller a denial letter on 7/15/13; and informed me that all was okay with the exception of the HAFA…., on 7/19/13?  The copy of the denial letter was not sent to me or the attorney’s.


What should I do if this case is denied based on OCWEN’s activity?


Jul 25, 2013 01:33 PM
Valerie Duncan Stewart
(Metro First Realty) - Oklahoma City, OK
Real Estate Agent-Broker, OKC, OK


It is not surprising to me that OCWEN still doesn't have their act together. When I was dealing with them all calls were outsourced to India and yes, the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing. I was told it was to sell at Sheriff's Sale on a Friday only to be called and told they had changed their mind. It is a mess and I am sorry for you, your sellers and any potential buyer. 


I wish I had some advice or who you can call but I would take the word of whatever "stateside" representative has to say over any representative in another country. They may not outsource to India at this date as I've fortunately not had to deal with an OCWEN transaction in a very long time.


I would find SHORTSALE SUPERSTARS here on Active Rain and join. They have a wealth of information and agents who may have had a recent transaction with OCWEN. 


Good luck, you will need it. :(

Jul 26, 2013 01:27 AM