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100% LTV Programs


Our Progressive Non-Prime programs offer a comprehensive

line-up of full doc single lien 100% LTV options.


100% LTV Highlights:


› 620 minimum credit score - full doc, owner-occupied


› Purchase or cash-out refinance...up to $100,000 cash-in-hand


› Only need 2 trades reporting on the bureau, each with 12 months history and $1000

high credit - could have been closed at any point in the past!


› Up to 60 days mortgage / rent lates allowed within the last 12 months

(must be  

› No mortgage insurance requirements


› Up to 55% DTI, 50% on ARM's


› 6% seller concessions available


› No reserve requirements


› No LTV reduction for condo, PUD and town homes


› 40 Year Term available on all programs


› Up to $650,000 loan amount with 620 minimum score, $750,000 with 660 score


› Rural properties allowed, house +5 acres = full value

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LD Bryant

Hello Mrs Stanley

I would like to know about your 100% mortgage programs.I know about the USDA programs. Due to the industry crashing I reallly didn't think 100% financing was still available. Exspecailly with a 620 Fico score. I have two credit scores Equifax is 627 and TransUnion a 655 and I am looking to purchase a home in the JamesTown NC area. The purchase price is $480,000 and I am aware that in my area that FHA tops out at $217,000. I am aware of FHA HAVING A SUPER JUMBO LOAN program but only at 90%. So how are you able to offer 100% LTV?

I would like to purchase this home in the next 60 days. I am looking for a 100% LTV loan. If not 97% LTV and a seller held second.I would also I like to buy down the rate. I am not  going put a contract on the property until I obtain financing.Could you please help me? Please don't say that you don't do loans in North Carolina!

Apr 20, 2010 12:01 PM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
Fred Griffin Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker

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