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Upcoming FHA Loan Limit Cuts, will this affect you?

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Adam Dalton, Turlock Homes Starting October 1st, if you are looking at trying to buy a Turlock home with an FHA loan, you may have to lower your expectations a little. At the end of the month, FHA loan limits will drop in Stanislaus from $423,750 to 276,000...nearly -$150,000 difference!

Loan apps with an FHA case number assigned on or after October 1st will be subject to the new limits. The current FHA loan limits have been in place since 2008, when they were passed as part of the Emergency Stimulus Act. FHA loan limits will drop to 115% of local area median home price with a cap of $625,500.

While the majority of the country will experience little to no change, if you are looking to buy in central to southern California, chances are your limits will dip by $50,000 or more with many counties like Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin dropping between $145,000 - $200,000 respectively. What does this mean for you. Well if you are currently looking to purchase a Turlock home with an FHA loan and you want to put the standard 3.5% down, your price range will now top out at about $286,000.


Stanislaus Co.

Merced County

San Joaquin Co

Old Limit

New Limit

Old Limit

New Limit

Old Limit

New Limit











Click here to find your loan limit by area: FHA Loan Limits

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