Good News About Hard Money Loans & Homes

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Hard Money Loans & Homes

This ancient adage simply means that the facts of a matter point to one conclusion.  Since I write articles about lending and real estate, I’ll give you the facts and let’s see if “all roads lead to Rome”, that is, we conclude the same thing.


Interest rates on 30 year and 15 year fixed rate mortgages are at historic lows.

Mortgage interest deduction is still intact.

Property values are at or near the bottom of the market in many areas.

Owning a home is as cheap as renting in many areas of the country.

There are lots of homes being sold everywhere in the country.

Loans are being made in all areas of the country.

FHA ( Federal Housing Administration) still makes loans to Buyers with 3.5% down and there are still zero down programs!

Hard Money loans now account for 1% of all loans done in the USA.  With a good down payment you can buy a home even if you just did a short sale, had a property foreclosed upon and/or did a bankruptcy or are in bankruptcy.

In the county I live in (Sonoma County), the median price for a home has risen for the last 3 months.

America isn’t going to dry up and disappear.  It will recover from the current mess.

What do you conclude from the above?

If you are considering buying a home – go and do it right now!

All roads lead to “Home”.








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