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Can anyone hear me? I trapped behind the dryer...

Real Estate Agent with The Denver Home Team

So, there I was- a Realtor who is perhaps a few years past his prime and I am in a vacant house and I am trapped behind a washing machine and a dryer and I can't get out. "is this the end?" I wondered. I started imagining headlines- 'Realtor meets tragic end- killed by his own client's disregard for the contract', and "Client parties while agent endures slow death- video at 11".

Ok, so it wasn't that bad, but I was sure wondering why I found myself literally stuck in a tiny laundry room while trying to hook up a dryer vent for my seller who was in the mountains having Octoberfest beer. The contract clearly transferred the washer and dryer to the buyer. The seller agreed. I reminded him the day before his movers came- leave the refrigerator and the washer and dryer! Got it? Ok.

Yeah-He took them! Said he would not have agreed to leave them and I must have been wrong! Really?? Buyer does the walk through the night before closing and finds several items missing and the inspection repairs done incorrectly and not as agreed. Buyer freaks. Seller freaks. I go into salvation mode. You know it- it's where you get all the stress and pressure dumped on you despite your previous best efforts and you have to get out the giant poop scoop and try to scrape up the big steamer your own guys left for you! Of course, all they remember is that there was an issue at the end of an otherwise flawless transaction.

Then, about 9PM the night before closing you learn that the other agent is out of the country for two weeks and not taking calls, and her part time assistant is your contact/impediment for communicating with the irate buyers. So, starting the morning of the 11AM closing, I am threatening contractors with harm if they do not come out NOW and fix their crappy work. I am trying to find someone with a truck to go get the appliances. I am trying to assure the buyer that 'although the seller took your stuff and did crappy work, he is a nice well meaning guy and you should still close!

I finally convince the buyer to close at 2PM with the promise that I will personally make sure the washer/dryer are in at the end of the day. Seller drives to Breckenridge Ski Area to party, so I have to get English impaired gentlemen to go to his new place of residence and bring back the units. They do so, but inform me that there is no dryer vent connector, and "see ya". Crap. So I am off to Home Depot for a vent tube and back to install it at 6:30 Friday night. These are the huge pedestal units in a small room and there is not more than 3 inches of side room and 16 inches behind the units, and I promise you this is not enough for a small child, let alone a big boy like me. I had to take off my phone and wallet to even wedge in. 30 minutes of swearing and pain later, I was so sore I could not climb over the units. When I finally got up on top of them, I had to slide off into 8 inches of space between the sharp corner of the utility sink counter and the dryer. I ended up barely keeping my jewels! Yikes.

Why do we do this? I need a beer.