Is a Good Price and Quick Sale Unrealistic

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We Buy Houses - Select Advantage Properties LLC: What everyone wants who is selling a house is to sell the house in a quick time frame and for the price they want to get for it. That is a reasonable expectation, but in the current real estate market it is probably unrealistic. There are factors beyond your control that will determine how quickly and for how much your house will sell for.

 Is a Good Price and Quick Sale UnrealisticWhile the buyers have their choice of houses and for some really great prices, you will need to be absolutely aware of your limitations, which are set by the market and what it will bear. The more you are willing to accept the current realities of the market in which you are selling, the easier it will be for you to put a reasonable price on your house and be patient where the time frame is concerned. The length of time it will take to sell your house could exceed two years in some areas. The best thing you can do to facilitate a fast sale is to price the house just below what others in the area with similar features have sold for recently.

Note that the comment was ‘sold for’ not ‘priced at.’ You can only expect to get what buyers are willing to pay, not what you personally think the house is worth.Time and price are two separate issues. You can decide whether one is more important than the other. If it’s more important to get it sold quickly, you can drop the price below what similar houses sell for in your neighborhood. A good price is one of the best ways to hurry a sale. If it’s more important that you need a specific minimum amount for the sale of the house, you will need to be patient as it will most likely take longer to sell. The better priced houses sell faster.

If you consider what it costs to keep the house you are selling, it might be more prudent to go ahead and sell for a little less to quit paying the expenses it is costing to maintain, advertise, and pay mortgage and insurance on the house you’re selling. If it costs $2,000 per month to hang on to the house while you’re selling it and you’ve had it up for sale for 6 months, you’ve already paid out $12k. If you had dropped the asking price $10k to begin with, you might be $2,000 ahead by now.

 Is a Good Price and Quick Sale UnrealisticThere are many possible reasons why you may have a house that won’t sell or can’t sell. Whatever your situation, foreclosure, vacant house, expired listing, behind on payments, divorce, bad tenants, etc., at Select Advantage Properties we create and provide fast win-win real estate solutions for all our customers. We are a local company with the ability to BUY, REPAIR, MARKET and SELL HOMES. We also buy houses that are not distressed.

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