Gallatin Gateway, Montana to get New Sewer System!

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Gallatin Gateway to get New Sewer System!


Gallatin Gateway, Montana, a small quaint town between Bozeman and Big Sky at the mouth of the Gallatin Canyon has been in existence since near the turn of the century.  It is still home to the Gallatin Gateway Inn that was built in 1920.  There is the firehouse on Main Street, along with an elementary school, and a fantastic steak house that we travel 40 miles to eat at (Stacey’s is the name if you get the chance!).

Gallatin Gateway InnThis is beautiful country!  Tucked into the valley just before the canyon, soaring peaks rising off the valley floor, the lush river valley winding its way through town northward, it is the epitimy of a small town in Montana.

It has had an issue of growth for a while though.  The sewer system for town was non- existent.  Everyone in town is on their own septic system.  This has stymied the towns’ growth, they could never have recruited any new business as they did not have the services available to offer them, nor would building any new homes be an alternative as there is not a safe way to dispose of wastewater.

The citizens in town decided to do something about it and began the arduous process of raising funds and soliciting government entities for money.  And this week, after 3 years of hard work, the Gallatin County Commissioners agreed to sponsor a grant application to move them further towards being able to resolve this issue.

Gateway is a fantastic place to live!  It is an easy commute to Bozeman for social activities or up the hill to the ski resort.  It is also very close to other recreational activities and has a multitude of housing available on larger lots!  If you would like to look at relocating to the area, please give me a call for a tour.  If you have a home you would like help in selling, please call to see how our local brokerage can offer you national exposure!


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