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Social Media is an incredibly effective marketing tool for real estate agents. The old days of pounding the pavement and knocking on doors are over. In the same amount of time it will take you to knock on every door on a single block, I can easily connect with 300-500 people. If I use several social media outlets at the same time and leverage my time, the number could easily be in the thousands. I believe that most agents are savvy enough to figure out social media. The question for most is, "Where do I start?"

Before I can answer this question let me explain a bit about what social media is. You have several social media sites that will help you generate traffic. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn just to name a few. There are millions of people that use these social media outlets. People use social media to connect with other people, share information, and (for better or worse) get their opinion out there. Right now I am sharing information with you!

BLOG - The best place to start is with a blog. It's a fantastic way to increase traffic to your site and connect with new people. You might post things that buyer might be interested. "How to properly stage a home." "How do current market conditions affect you?" These types of articles will get people attention. You can write about anything that your target demographic would be interested in. Make sure you attach the blog to your site. You want to make sure that any traffic the blog generates, your website will credit for. Don't forget to add links to other part of your website that people reading the blog might be interested in.

On to Social Media!

Now that you have several fantastic blog articles written, it's time to make sure people see them! You want to set up social media accounts through at least the main sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. There are several different ways to link all of the accounts together. You may take a look at for a way to link your accounts. This saves a lot of time. For example, lets say I post in twitter a link to one of my blog articles "How do I cut down on my closing costs?" When I post in Twitter the exact same information is then sent to all of my other accounts. In Facebook it will automatically post the same thing I just tweeted. Same with every other social media account you have. Don't forget, the most time consuming part of this is actually adding friends and followers to each account. If you are posting interesting information then people will want to see what you have to say. Add as many people as you can. Target people that are most likely to buy or sell homes.

So now what? Now that we have our blog and our social media accounts running we can really start driving traffic to our website. The whole reason for setting up the blog first is because when we are able to capture people with our social media feeds we want them to be interested in what they are seeing. If they sit and read the article then I have kept them on my site longer increasing my search engine ranking. The more traffic you get the more chances for leads. When people find you through your blog, they tend to want to work with you because they see you as a credible source.

So to rephrase...
1)Create a Blog and post information that your clients would be interested in reading.
2) Set up social media accounts and link them together to save time.
3) Add as many friends and followers as you can. Target people likely to buy or sell homes.
4) Get your message out there! Post links to your blog articles in your social media accounts. Your friends and followers will see your posts. Be interested and click the link to your blog. They will read you blog increasing the time they spend on the site and pages they view.
5) Make more $$ from all of your new business!

I really hope this helps get you started. If you do have more questions feel free to take a look at our website

If you need help getting your social media train rolling please take a look at this page for further information.


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