2011-12 School year in the Greater Fall River area brings PCB’s and MCAS

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2011-12 School year in the Greater Fall River area brings PCB’s and MCAS.


The 2011-12 school year has been back in session for a few weeks now and two local communities are witnessing a similar problem. The Westport school Back 2 school in Fall River MAdistrict is dealing with the clean up of PCB’s found in the Middle School during the summer. Testing and subsequent clean up of the potentially harmful materials caused a 2 day delay in the opening of the school. Ceiling tiles and calking around windows have been removed and most of the building is now open. The multimillion dollar clean up was an unexpected expense for the school district and will be dealt with at a future town meeting. Superintendent Colley message to parents and guardians explains more.


As a result of the Westport situation Fall River officials decided to test two school building built during the period when PCB’s were used in construction. Tests at Durfee High School show no PCB’s present , however tests at the Talbot Middle School indicated PCB’s may be present in some of the calking around some of the windows. The middle school has been closed since September 19th. The School department is providing updates for the public at www.fallriverschools.org/talbot.cfm .




MCAS scores from the spring 2011 testing period have been released by the FAll River Schoolsstate Department of Education. All regions of the state are reported and you can compare your districts results with the state averages for each class, and see the actual results by individual school.  The Fall River School Department  has a District summary and press release on the School department website.



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Reno, NV

PCB's are carcinogenic..... very dangerous for young bodies to be exposed to.  Your district had better be ready for the "fall-out" of lawsuits in the future with claims that exposure to PCB's and links to cancer in former students, teachers, administrators, and anyone who was in the building.  This is very disturbing, and if I were a parent, I would be attending every meeting to know what is going on.  Our community had a "spill" (including PCB's), from a fuel line, that ended up in the Donner Lake. The company responsible paid millions in clean-up, and to keep it "hush hush" as much as possible. It  was amazing, that when the topic was brought up, that very few knew, or were paying attention. Only very small articles in the local paper that came out once a week.  Hope everything will be OK with your family.....

Sep 22, 2011 04:19 PM
Steve Waddicor
SB&A Realty Group - Fall River, MA
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Thanks Teri, So far both districts have bee very open and transparent about the situations. Hopefully that will continue. Thanks for your concern.

Sep 23, 2011 03:39 AM