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It was not an unfamiliar sight. The enormous table, the company pens, duplicate papers neatly arranged and, of course, the obligatory mints in a glass jar. The leather chairs reminded me how long it had been since my last experience. Too long, I thought.


As usual, I arrived a little early for the closing, just in case a last minute fire needed to be put out. I accepted the offer of a bottle of water, wrapped in a blue and white label bearing the name of the title company. As I took a couple of sips, I took the time to reflect on exactly how I had gotten to this point.


I had probably shopped at this particular store for a year or more, mainly because I can run in and out for small items and be on my way. Naturally, the clerks will remember a face after a while, however, my identity remained secret. I had done a great job so far. Just pay for the apple juice and rice and I can be out the door. I opened my wallet to pull out the trusty debit card when it happened. Not only did the debit card fall on to the counter, but it was followed by a business card! There it was, blue, white and distinctive and telling it all. Everything. What I do, phone number, email address and even a fax number. After all this time, my cover had been blown! Ok don't panic...maybe she didn't notice it. My answer was forthcoming.


"Oh, you are in Real Estate?"


"Yes", I replied. What else could I say?


"My sister's husband got a good promotion, and they now want to buy a house, do you have anything in Kemah ?"


Not only do I have something, I happen to live there.


"Yes we do" says 007. "Are they working with a Realtor?"


"They have been looking around, calling numbers on signs, are you able to show them the inside?"


A quick recap of my schedule indicated that I could squeeze in a showing or two this week.


We looked at four houses, the third of which they fell hopelessly in love with. Fast forward. Good credit, approval letter from Credit Union and a reason from her Doctor why she felt sick some mornings. All place me in the comfy leather chair in the title company. The secret agent quit and became a real estate agent.


You know who you are, you 'double ought sevens' out there. How many people do you meet on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? How many of them know what you do? Here is a little advice. Quit your secret agent job. Make sure everybody you meet or have contact with knows what you do. The clerk at the store worked three days a week and did volunteer work to 'get out of the house.' When the kids leave the nest (one year) She and her husband are going to downsize. Everybody. Tell everybody what you do. How much does a business card cost you?


By the way, did I tell you I am in Real Estate?


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Malcolm Johnston
Century 21 Lanthorn Real Estate LTD., Trenton, Ontario - Trenton, ON
Trenton Real Estate

Well, blowing your cover was a good thing in this instance. Maybe you should wear a nametag when you are out and about, and this way it won't be a secret.

Sep 23, 2011 04:49 AM