Attention agents in Seattle, India or anywhere outside Texas.

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A recent call (one of many) advised me that many people are looking to move here to Kemah Texas. These people are all qualified buyers. Problem is, they cannot find an agent here. For x number of dollars, I can obtain a list containg the names and contact information for these buyers, thus making me lots of money.

I noticed the caller was calling from a Seattle number..

"What puzzles me, I said, if I wished to move to Seattle, I could find any number of agents within a minute or less."

"Oh, we are just based in Seattle" was the response. The qualified buyers are from 'all over the country.'

Apparently the process of moving to Kemah Texas from anywhere involves first calling a company in Seattle. This company knows of agents in Kemah who would be willing to sell them a home. Best of all the list of these buyers can be available to just one agent in my zip code. The one who is dumb enough to send them money.

There are so many companies out there willing to help me. Some of them guarantee top ten placings in search engines. My thought is that if they are able to guarantee top ten placing, and they sign up twenty clients, how does that work?

I really enjoyed talking with the Indian gentleman who was telling me how crappy my website is, and how he could improve it so I could 'soak up all the web traffic' in my town, the name of which he could not pronounce.

"Sounds great, I said, why don't I stop by your office tomorrow, and maybe we can do business."

(Crickets chirping)

"We are not exactly in your area"

"What area are you exactly in?" I asked.

"Hello, hello?...hellooooo

Why are we agents really such targets for these people? Are we so gullible enough of us send them so much money they can afford to call us from all over the world?

For those of you having difficulty with all your Kemah bound referrals who cannot find an agent, here is one! I will gladly pay you. Our phone number is 281.851.7095 We will accept referrals from anywhere.


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Angelia Garcia
Pure Realtors - Dallas, TX

love the way you handled the solicitor.  I have a sister in law that lives down that way.


Will keep your info for future needs.

Sep 23, 2011 05:50 AM