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Mindset ... VS ... Marketing?? Which 1 is more important?? (vote now)

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Hey Everyone,

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a guy who I consider to be one of the biggest secret weapons I have in my arsenal that I'll sneak-into the back-door when I'm down-and-out and need some personal coaching.

Not too many people know about this guy because he's like a stealth bomber and travels completely underneth the radar and outside of the lime light... and pretty much mainly works with only the highest super-achievers of the world.

But when you discover his credentials, when you discover his background, this guy is the guy you'll find behind some of the most powerful and influential players in the world.

He doesn't just mess around with millionaires.

Anyone now-a-days can be a millionaire especially in california where if you just own 2 pieces of property... you pretty much already have a net-worth of over $1 million dollars.

(millionaire = *yawn* ... no big deal anymore.)

This guy works with the *real-deal* players, the billionaires, and not only the billionaires...

... but even the 'trillion' dollar organizations.

Now many of you may think there's no such thing as a 'trillion' dollar organization...

... but when you start getting on the *inside* of governments and the high-powered media institutions within the middle east, eastern europe, and even parts of asia...

These governmental organizations and media companies out there control more money and power than most people can even conceive of.

These organization control 'trillions' of dollars, and these are the organizations this guy works with.

I think that should give you a good picture of how powerful this guy really is, and why I feel so absolutely blessed and honored to be able to pick this guy's brain... break bread with him... and why he is the #1 guy I turn to when I really need some personal coaching.

I could go on and on about this guy...

... but the main reason why I'm writing this blog-entry is because I just recently saw a video that this guy did where he proposed a very provocative question...

what do you think is more important:

#1)  Mindset

-- OR --

#2)  Marketing

It's almost like the question,

what came first...

a) the chicken ... b) or the egg??

I thought it would be a neat little video for you guys to watch... and to also place your vote so we could all see what other people have to say about this question.

But not only that...

... I wanted to pass this video off to you as a *powerful* example and 'case study' of how to really utilize these new web 2.0 platforms.

American Idol uses this strategy.

The NFL use this strategy.

Active Rain uses this strategy...

... and now anyone can use this strategy with web 2.0.

The key I'm talking about here is creating audience participation... creating a space where the viewers can actually interact with what they are watching/reading.

American Idol lets you send in your text messages to vote on who you want to move on to the next round.

The NFL ask polls and questions about weather a trade was worth it, or if this new quarterback should go back to the bench... or whatever.

Active Rain allows us to participate and get 'featured' for our blog posts.

... and now with web 2.0, anyone can do the same thing.

Set up polls ... ask questions ... create viewer interaction.

If you want to utilize web 2.0 to it's fullest potential... you have to capitalize on creating interactions between you and your viewers.

Just like American Idol

Just like the NFL

Just like Active Rain.

And now just like my secret weapon right here!

So who the heck is this guy that I'm talking about?

... and where the heck can I see his video and vote?

That's a good question!

I'm not going to tell you his name right here, but if you watch his video...

... you'll discover the answer to my mystery, and you'll be able to cast your vote, leave him a comment, and see what other people think about this intriguing question:

what do you think is more important:

#1)  Mindset??

-- OR --

#2)  Marketing??

go here to place your vote right now:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk_L627qe2Q 


Until next time ...



P.S. -- I also recommend you rate this video on YouTube as well so that you can get into the habit of rating videos... that's a big part of all these new 2.0 video sites.

Just start getting in the habit of rating videos, leaving comments, and interacting with other people using this technology.

Learn the ways of the jedi YouTube viewers.  Become a part of the online video community.

Only then will you learn the ways of the jedi video marketers and understand how to best utilize this new web 2.0 technology to help you promote your businesses online.


Start here now:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uk_L627qe2Q 

Brenda & David Wakeman
Russell Realty - Strongsville, OH
Mindset is definitely the first thing and then marketing.
Oct 27, 2007 07:17 AM