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The issue of real estate safety is not always as blatant as black and white. Many of us know that we have to take responsibility when it comes to our personal safety, yet we also find ourselves asking the question 'Should others take responsibility for our industry’s safety too?’.

On our path to establish a safer work environment for real estate professionals, we scout out organizations that take the extra step to ensure the agents that work for them are as safe as possible. We are very happy to say that we have come across numerous organizations that deserve to be highlighted for their safety efforts such as ActiveRain, Agent Genius, MRIS, as well as multiple real estate associations.

The knowledge of knowing that there are numerous organizations out there who are trying to keep us safe, not only ensures that we know where to turn to for safety resources, but also gives us strength and unity as a whole industry. As such we would like to highlight one such association that takes the extra step when it comes to its agents’ safety, MRIS.

As the nations leading multiple listing service provider, MRIS has always strived to provide a safe environment for real estate professionals, whether it is providing free safety resources or ensuring that precious data is secure with the best technologies. We are proud to highlight our safety partner MRIS, by sharing with you our interview with MRIS’s CMO John Heithaus:

Why does MRIS care about real estate professionals’ safety?

MRIS takes pride in serving our customers and supporting them and their businesses. But it goes beyond that, our staff and organization is dedicated to our customers on an individual basis, and because of this, our customers’ personal and professional safety are of the utmost importance to us.

Do you think organizations that deal with real estate professionals have a duty to ensure the safety of the agents they work with?

Any organization serving real estate agents (or any other customer for that matter) has the duty to their customers to put their customers’ safety above all else.

How do employees of MRIS keep safe on the job? Are there office protocols to ensure they are safe?

MRIS takes employee safety very seriously. There are physical security measures inside the MRIS building, such as key card entry. We have an Emergency Preparedness Team, which is run by staff, to help ensure safety in the event of an emergency. There are company-wide drills to help with preparedness. MRIS offers a weather hotline for employees, that is updated in the event of a storm, snow or other weather conditions, as well as staff emails as conditions warrant. We have always made safety a top priority at MRIS for both our customers and our staff. Awareness and preparedness are our focus and we strive to keep everyone safe and secure on a regular basis.

For those without safety initiatives, how would you suggest associations or MLS groups launch safety programs quickly?

We should all be prepared for an unseen emergency. Having a plan and knowing what to do helps keep everyone organized and safe. If you are just developing a plan or don’t know where to start, we recommend talking to your customers. Find out what they face and their biggest concerns and then address them. Speak with your local police department for safety tips, hold an in-person training with a safety expert, have a plan for emergency situations from weather to disasters, and be prepared. By having a plan and sharing it with everyone, people will know what to do and how to react.

If you could provide one tip for real estate agents to stay safe what would it be?

The biggest “tip” we could offer anyone is to be vigilant at all times. Know your surroundings and know how to get help. An emergency can strike at any moment, so be prepared!

Do you know any real estate organizations that take the extra step to ensure its members are safe? If so we would love to hear about them in the comment section below. As always please feel free to ask us any questions regarding real estate safety!

Take care and be safe everyone!

The Moby Team

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