You Do Know You Are the Last Person I Want To Hear From...Right?!

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Oh, I am with you on that!  You hesitate to answer, because you have heard it all before!  But, what if it's that military couple moving up or that out of state REALTOR who wants to send you a client!  Telemarketers - Scheeeesh!

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You Do Know You Are the Last Person I Want To Hear From...Right?!

I am quite sure that I am not alone on this, but telemarketers drive me NUTSO.  When I get a phone call from a local, unknown number, I am hoping that number one, it's another agent with an offer for my listing or number two, a Annoyedpotential buyer calling me about helping them find the perfect home, or even number three, a potential client wanting me to list their home.
The absolute LAST person I want to hear from is another person trying to SELL me the latest and greatest marketing that they got going on.  Good God!  I am with my friend today and of course I get a call and (usually if it's an OUT of STATE number, I will let my voice mail get it because if I hear one more time from folks that can get me to the top on Google, I am going to vomit!), but this is a local number so I think to myself, gotta be one of the above or heck even a wrong number. 
Hi Brenda...I'm so and so from somewhere, have you got a minute....sigh...eye roll "not really" what can I do for you?  I would like to come by your office and show you all this handy dandy marketing that can help you do better...yada yada and such and so on. 
Look, I get it.  I know you have to try, but do you realize that you are the VERY LAST person I want to hear from today or any other day?  As Realtors®, we get SOLD to more often than anybody out there.  It just gets me so crazy.  I don't want your marketing gadget, gizmo or your solution to make sure that I make hundreds of thousands of dollars (spending money on your stuff) or whatever.  This is why I don't go door knocking or cold calling to folks to sell them Real Estate...I blog, have a website and I will send them mail that they are perfectly able to throw away if they want, but I ain't calling them unless they call me, because I know without a doubt that I would be the LAST PERSON they were hoping to hear from today. you want to sell your house? was planning to stay a while, but ummm thanks...Oh no, but really, if you just let me visit with you I can show you all the benefits to selling now as opposed to selling when you need do you know anybody who would want to sell their home...


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Chandler Real Estate Liz Harris, MBA
Liz Harris Realty - Chandler, AZ

The best is when I do get "sold" on something and yet the salesperson outright lies about what I am getting!  I ask for the recorded conversation and of course, they can't produce it! 

Sep 25, 2011 04:44 PM