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DIG Marketing LogoI find it odd that on Active Rain there so many blogs about how to drive traffic, but there aren't many on how to actually generate leads. What good is driving traffic to your website if you don't actually generate any leads? SEO is obviously important, keep these truths in mind if you want a truly effective website.


Truth #1

When buyers and sellers come to your website they don't care about you! It's fine to have an about me page but you certainly don't need to fill up your landing page with nonsense about you. They want information about the area. They want to search for properties. They want real estate news. None of these things has anything to do with you.

Truth #2

Website visitors stay on websites that provide them with information they are looking for easily. You have 4 seconds to catch a web visitors attention before they decide if they want to stay or move on to a competitors site. This doesn't mean clutter up your web page with an over abundance of information either. What do my buyers want? What do my sellers want? Buyers want to search. Make it simple for them to search. Sellers want to see that their property is being viewed and they want to be able to search comparable properties. If both your buyers and sellers want to search then make it easy for them.

Truth #3

Your IDX plays a huge role in your lead capture ability. If you ask a website visitor to register before they search, you will get a lot of "Mickey Mouse" leads. The best plan of attack is to allow your website visitors to search without asking them to register. When they want to see details on a property they are wanting more information. That is the optimum point to ask them to register. Now they are interested. Now they want something. In order to get the information they want they will give you better lead information. It's simple psychology that helps you generate better quality leads. Since the registration form is usually attached to your website it's imperative that you ensure you have this option with your IDX company.

Truth #4

You need to follow up with your leads asap! Don't leave them until later. If you have a lead that registers on your website it means they are on your website right that second! Get a smart phone and check your emails. If you see a lead, take a few minutes to call them right away. You will close a much higher percentage!

Here is one of our clients sites to use as an example. This site is an extremely effective capture tool. If your in need of an effective lead capture website please don't hesitate to call us! ActiveRain users get their set up free.


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Suzanne Taylor
Ultima Real Estate - Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi, TX
Home Sales In Corpus Christi, TX

Thanks for some great advice, going to work on my website again tomorrow and make sure it stacks up.

Sep 25, 2011 04:53 PM