CCIM Regional Marketing Session and Seminar

Commercial Real Estate Agent with Northland Real Estate

Portland Oregon, September 22 - 23, 2011

Just returned from attending the regional marketing session and seminar put on by the Oregon/Washington CCIM Chapters, a regional event attended by members from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska with national participation from the CCIM President out of Connecticut.  Great to see many new and old faces as the market is beginning to present some real opportunities, either for the sellers and owners who have struggled through the last two years or the buyers who at this point are ready to move funds and acquire those assets that need assistance.

The conference added different perspectives as well as educational opportunities, yes, commercial practicitoners also need specialized education to tune up those opportunities as they arise. 

Just now back at the office reviewing the different packages and attempting to differentiate and understand the various pieces of information to create the right approach unique for each individual or group of investors who at this time are ready to move if the right deal appears to add to or enhance portfolios.

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