Energy Saving Audit (Part 2 of series)

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 Saving Energy

Now that you've read and made some minor changes in your home to begin saving energy, its time to dig a little deeper. A home energy audit will pinpoint the areas in your house that are using the most energy and suggest the most effective measures for cutting energy costs. You can do this by yourself or contact a professional for more comprehensive information. 

Heating accounts for the biggest chunk of our utility bills.
Source 2007 Buildings Energy Data Book

Energy auditing tips:

1. Check the insulation levels in your attic, exterior and basement walls, ceilings, floors and crawl spaces. Check for instructions on checking your insulation levels.

2. Check for holes or cracks around ceilings, windows, walls, doors, light and plumbing fixtures, switches, and electrical outlets that can leak air into or out of your home.

3. Check for open fireplace dampers.

4. Check your owners manuals to be sure your appliance and heating and cooling systems are properly maintained.

5. Study your families lighting needs and use patterns. Pay special attention to high-use areas such as kitchen, living room and outside lighting. Consider lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, dimmers or timers. Replace bulbs with standard fluorescent lamps.

Stay tuned to learn how to formulate a plan after you've identified where your home is losing energy.

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