Low Cost Home Selling Tips

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Low Cost Home Selling Tips


Would-be Sellers almost everywhere are facing tough competition from bank owned homes in their neighborhood. But you can be competitive with foreclosed homes, if your home goes on the market in excellent condition. Why? Because many foreclosed homes have long been vacant and can be in poor shape. In Arizona, vacant homes can be an invitation to scorpions and once they move it, they are tough to evict. Some Buyers worry that more than dust has accumulated while a property sits vacant.


Cosmetic improvements won’t fundamentally alter a home’s value, but they can hasten a sale or attract competitive offers. While you can’t recoup every dollar spent to replace a door, or install fresh carpeting, there are some budget friendly improvements that can help you outshine your competition.


Remove Clutter


This is the crucial first step and probably the hardest for many home sellers. But it is usually free! Take this time to start packing and put away seasonal clothing, so closets and cabinets appear spacious.


Emotionally let go of your personal décor. No matter how classy they are, family photos, and personal mementos, are just that – personal. You want your home to look clean and clear to potential Buyers so they can imagine their own things and family in this space.


Assess the Kitchen


The Kitchen is always the most important room in the home. Request an objective person give you an honest evaluation of your kitchen. Your Realtor can help with this, and please remember they have your best interests at heart. Do you need granite counters? It depends on your neighborhood. If granite is the standard than anything less will not meet Buyer’s expectations. It is the same with vinyl flooring. Tile is just a little more expensive but may be the standard your home needs. Prices for granite and tile have come down considerably in recent years.


Before spending a dime, assess your cabinets. Years of use can accumulate grim and dirt you don’t even see. Scrub them thoroughly with Murphy’s Oil Soap and rub with lemon oil. They may gleam like new! If not, sand them and re-stain, with advice from your local home improvement store. Add new hardware and you may just love your kitchen again!




Fresh paint is a proven strategy to brighten a home’s interior. It's also a job that most folks can successfully complete themselves. But a quality paint job does take some knowledge. Go to YouTube, or your local home improvement store for tips on how to best prepare your surface, and ensure proper coverage for your specific wall texture. Choose neutral colors and don’t neglect the doors and trim. Doors and Trim can be time consuming, but are very important for the overall fresh look!


Get Competitive Bids


In this market it is tempting to try to do everything yourself. But unless you have some expertise the results can diminish any money saved. To make the most of your resources hire a pro and take the time to get three or four competitive bids. Don’t be afraid to negotiate and explain your needs.


After these cheap fix ups, you may decide to stay after all! If you’d like a referral to contractors and professional organizers just let us know. We can help.


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Terry Meyer
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sound Realtors - Olympia, WA

Great tips to try and get those homes moving.  More coming on the market every day.  We need to be reminded of all the easy and cost effective tips we can get.  Great points and a great reminder that we as real estate agents are in charge of our markets and have the power to empower our clients.

Sep 27, 2011 06:41 AM