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The Process of Buying Your First Home: Reviewing Needs, Wants, and Priorities

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The Process of Buying your New Home 

Step 1:   a)  Review Your Home-buying Needs, Wants, Priorities

(There is a part b but that will come later)

           We'll focus today on the first half:


thinkFirst things first.  You really need to pin down what it is that you need in a home, what you want in a home, and what you're willing to compromise when looking.

Do you absolutely need 2 bedrooms or will 1 bedroom with additional office space work for you?

If you found a great home that was perfect in every way but it was slightly further than you wanted to be from work, would it still be in the running?

A lot of times buyers start out thinking they know exactly what they want and need, but find that as they're searching, things they thought were necessary aren't quite as practical as they'd hoped.


Here's an example I've seen time and again. Many people are really attracted to the trendy live/work lofts that have popped up all over the SOMA district and they start their home-searches looking for the perfect loft for them.  After a while they start noticing that those wonderfully open spaces don't afford much privacy when guests come over and maybe an airy open condo could work just as well if not better.

(I'm not dissing lofts, cause I personally think they rock.  Just saying they're not for everyone!

Think about your daily routine and how your home is a part of that.  How will you use your space?  Do you grill outside a lot?  Spend ages in your closet picking out the perfect outfit?  Do you entertain often, or love cooking?

magnifying glassIt's good to start thinking about these things early on, but don't worry, it's okay to change your mind.  Don't forget, the more you see, the more you'll learn about your own needs and wants, so keep your eyes open!


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