ActiveRain University Goes Live (and Recorded)

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ARU gets an overhaul! Now offering pre-recorded tuturials as well endless guides and tips to get you started. Make sure you also check out all of our live classes as well!

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ActiveRain University

It's amazing to me that ActiveRain has grown to the point we are at with very little formal training for our members. For the first 3 years of our existence, our training was essentially members teaching and sharing with each other. We just were not equipped with enough employees to train our members efficiently. Thankfully our members have stepped up and there are tons of videos and tutorials throughout the site that can be found be using the 'search' option on the top of any page.

We are thrilled that the member that joins tomorrow will have much better support and training than you had when you joined. ActiveRain University live training has been going on for over a year. Our new members have had a chance to interact with our staff in a webinar format where they can get aquainted with the site and learn how to use ActiveRain in the most efficient manner. Up until today, that training was only live. Not anymore.......

Now, in addition to our live classes, we also have an entire library of pre-recorded sessions and short tutorials on using different parts of the site. Our hour long webinars on topics like SEO and the proper use of links are available for you to view any time you'd like. In addition we have a bunch of short 5-15 minute videos explaining many of the features of ActiveRain.

We also have a library of FAQ's and all of this content is now easy for you to find. Just look up above at the little blue bar going across the page and look for the 'University' link. We are excited to have this available to our members and I hope it becomes an invaluable resource for our new members and our long time members as well.
  • Watch tutorial videos

    • Giving you walkthrough videos to the many features of the site as well as answering the most common how to questions.

  • Watch recorded webinars

    • Many of our recorded live webinars for you to view at a time that makes sense to you. These will teach you about the site, how to blog, about your outside blog, and many others.

  • Easy access to the training calendar

    • View a schedule of upcoming live webinars so you can can watch and learn about technology and social media and ask questions in real time.

  • Get answers to your FAQs

    • We have revamped our FAQ section giving you a great resource for all the questions that you may have.

We are excited to have this available to our members and I hope it becomes an invaluable resource for our new members and our long time members as well. Let us know what you think as your feedback is the reason ActiveRain has become the community it is!
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Charlie Ragonesi - Big Canoe, GA
Homes - Big Canoe, Jasper, North Georgia Pros

You have come a long way !!! And i have enjoyed the ride with you since 07 . Good stuff keep it coming

Sep 28, 2011 05:13 AM