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When considering where to live, often the most important criteria is the quality of the school system. Elementary schools in particular are important as they set the tone for the middle school and high school experiences.  So what are the best Denver Neighborhood elementary schools this year?  The newest report on "Blue Ribbon Schools" was just published, and several popular Denver neighborhood elementary schools were chosen as the best in the city. Each year, the Colorado Department of Education measures growth in school performance, and the Denver neighborhood elementary schools highlighted here were in the top 10 in terms of growth of academic performance.  For details on the study results, go to the Colorado Department of Education report.

Hilltop neighborhood home1.  Steck Elementary, located in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver, exceeds standards in all four categories: reading, math, writing and science. It achieved the most points available in academic growth, and is currently ranked as one of the best elementary schools in Denver.  The Hilltop neighborhood is located just east of the Cherry Creek neighborhood and just west of the Lowry neighborhood. Click here for the Steck Elementary School boundaries: Steck boundary map   In the past 12 months,  Hilltop homes sold at an average price of $653,354. The average price sold has risen pretty dramatically in this past year, reflecting in part the demand for enrollment in Steck Elementary.

2. Cory Elementary is located in the Cory-Merrill neighborhood of Denver. This neighborhood is just east of Wash Park, and just north of University Park, two very popular neighborhoods with lots of amenities.  Cory Elementary also ranked in the top of the Colorado Growth Model in all four categories. 

Cory-Merrill neighborhood

It's boundaries can be viewed here:  Cory Boundary Map. The Cory-Merrill neighborhood has had a smaller number of sales in the past year (52 to Hilltop's 183) with an average sales price of $505,731. This average sales price also has increased over the past 12 months indicating an increasing demand in the area.

3. Bromwell Elementary is located in the Cheeseman Park/Congress Park neighborhoods of Denver. These neighborhoods are just north of Cherry Creek and just sough of City Park in a beautiful historic area of Denver.  You will find many original historic homes here that have been renovated for the 21st century.  Relatively large lots (for the city) and abundant tree plantings a hundred years ago make this a very green oasis.  Bromwell Elementary is fairly small, so it's boundaries are small.  See the Bromwell Elementary School boundary map here: Bromwell boundary map. Proximity to downtown Denver makes this a sought after neighborhood.  Home sales in the past 12 months have been at an average of $871,597 but the average sales price has decreased dramatically over the past 12 months.  This may be a normal market adjustment for homes that were listing higher than average.

More Blue Ribbon Award elementary schools in Denver neighborhoods will be featured here in the coming days.  If you are considering buying a home, and don't know what neighborhood is best for you, call me at 303-921-3199.  I am happy to go into more detail to help you decide where your next home will be.  If you are just looking, go to Denver Neighborhood Homes for a great map search tool.

Cheeseman Park
Cheeseman Park


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