A Realtor's "Dear Jane" letter to a Wishy Washy Buyer

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A Realtor's "Dear Jane" letter to a Wishy Washy Buyer


Dear Buyer,

When we mutually agreed to work together, I “assumed” that meant a “working” relationship.  Meaning you give me a list of parameters that you establish for your purchase and I help you meet those parameters.   What I mean by this is that if you tell me that you….

A)     already own a home and that you’re wanting an investment property, then I understand that to mean that you want to get a “deal” and not offer above list price the first hour on the market.

B)      don’t care about this house because there will be others and you can wait, then I understand that to mean that you’re not emotionally tied to any one particular house and that you want to exercise that leverage by choosing the best house for your situation as a new “investor.”

C)      need to take a break looking because it’s too stressful,  then I understand that this is very complicated and can be highly stressful, at best, and so we’ll take a break…

However, when you then email me the next day and tell me that I’m not aggressive enough to represent you because you’ve now lost two houses to cash investors (as if you're the only one that EVER happens to?!)  even though we put in offers the first day on the market….well, now THAT is something different altogether.  So, now that you’ve fired me for not doing my job properly when you effectively tied my hands behind my back, let me say something to you…

First, please have enough decency to be HONEST with me, at all times.  Give me the facts, even if they’re changing moment by moment, otherwise I can’t assist you and neither will anyone else.

Second, if at any point in time the process of buying a house is confusing and/or you don’t understand something, please talk to ME.  Don’t go to your loan officer, your adult children, your neighbor, your book club, your friendly grocery clerk….WE are on the SAME TEAM, so talk to me, FIRST. 

Finally, you hired me to represent you, so please let me do that.  If you think I don’t know what I’m doing, then why did you hire me?  I came to you highly endorsed, yet you doubt me.  Why waste my time, and yours, if you’re not committed to working TOGETHER?

Best Wishes with your new agent!


Ahhhhhh, the joys of working with Buyers~! 

Hope you all had a productive day, or at the very least more productive than mine!


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Shelly Long , Realtor

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Comments (4)

Jon Quist
Tucson's BUYERS ONLY Realtor since 1996

There's verbiage that I could use here, in speaking with that buyer, but as we are "a family show" I won't. Actually several "suggestions" for that buyer come to mind.

Sep 28, 2011 12:54 PM
Shelly Long-Welborn
Align Real Estate - Sacramento, CA
(916) 806-HOME Sacramento Real Estate Lady

Hi Jon,

Gee....why do I get the feeling I might have just a slight inkling of what specific suggestions those might be?  LOL!  Indeed, it IS a 'family show' and so I'll just be happy to know that you share my sentiments!~  At least ONE person on this planet GETS me!!!

Enjoy your evening~

Sep 28, 2011 02:59 PM
Terry Moore


A working relationship is a two way street, always.  Why is it then some people think it only works one way.  The client expected you to be honest with them and in turn, it was not reciprocated.  People out there, buyers, keep in mind, your real estate agent has your best interests at heart, if you don't communicate with them, how do you expect "perfection". 

Your agent is your best ally, don't end it because of your silence....

You did good Shelly!


Sep 29, 2011 07:13 AM
Shelly Long-Welborn
Align Real Estate - Sacramento, CA
(916) 806-HOME Sacramento Real Estate Lady

Thanks for your input Terry!  I continue to be amazed by the expectations of people.  Sometimes it's a sad commentary, however there are soooo very many people who DON'T behave this way and THOSE are the folks I want as clients and as friends!

Oct 03, 2011 07:15 AM