Oklahoma Real Estate Market

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With all the news about the Real Estate Market how can you know if you should rent or take the leap and purchase a home? Especially with so many people who want to give their opinions on this subject. Who do you trust to tell you the truth about such a huge financial decision? Well, I suggest we look at the facts and the local Oklahoma market condition. Oklahoma City and Tulsa both made the Forbes top 25 list for strongest housing markets. MSN.com ranked Oklahoma City as one of the top 15 cities in the nation that have seen the most improvement in home prices since 2009. Zillow, an online real estate database, put Oklahoma City and Tulsa in the third and fourth place, respectively, on a list of metro areas whose real estate values gained the most over the past five years. With the Oklahoma City market having an average value gain of 10.1 percent and that metropolitan Tulsa had a gain of 9.4 percent. The rankings are a combination of Zillow’s estimate of home values over the past five years and the Zillow Home Value Index, which is the median Zillow-estimated valuation for a given geographic area on a given day. I see so many people listening to the National News and feeling scared to buy a home because of devaluation. After we look at all the facts of our local housing market you can see that although buying a home is a commitment, in the Oklahoma Market it is a smart investment. If you would like to see a comparison of renting vs. owning go to http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/business/buy-rent-calculator.html and see what the numbers say. With rates being at an historic low you can literally spend less on your monthly mortgage then you do your rent and enjoy a tax write off for the interest you have paid. Call me for a quote at (918)671-2724 on interest rates.

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