Fleeing the Fleas

Real Estate Agent with Lang McLaughry & Spera

You all have so many brilliant ideas to share and I sit and wonder what the heck I know about.  But here's one you might not have had to encounter--yet.


My old partner and I were called to do a CMA on an apartment building.  There were two units, one empty and inhabited by an empty head.  As I go on ahead to check out the second floor of the empty apartment I hear my partner yell for me to come downstairs NOW.  So old and gimpy gets down the stairs as quickly as possible to find the place really isn't on fire.  She is outside and tells me the place is infested with fleas.  Well it took only a quick check to see we were also covered.  As we stand on the sidewalk nearly stripped to our underware beating off fleas we wonder if it is good that people are going by quickly and not looking or do we need lipo.  But then who would't speed past two strange women beating at each other.

After much frustration we (and our cars) were decontaminated.

So a little advice for those who also don'n work only with high end property  .  .  . always carry one of those sticky rollers that take lint off you clothes.  We really wished we had one, or two, that day.

Wyla Salo

Northeast Kingdom Connection

Lang McLaughry Spera

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