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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -Lubbock Homes
Dozens of dogs are being fostered in Lubbock homes after being seized from the Alpha Tex Kennels six miles outside of Lockney in Floyd county.

More than 300 dogs were removed Wednesday by the Floyd County Sheriff's Office.  KCBD NewsChannel 11's cameras found kennels covered in feces, food covered with flies, and sick dogs.

Thursday, more than 80 of those dogs arrived in Lubbock, to the Humane Society of West Texas.  That's where volunteers worked the phones, calling up potential foster homes, to place the animals.

"The last of the animals was loaded and headed to Lubbock, which is awesome because we didn't know that we would be able to get enough fosters to help with these," Debra Avery, Humane Society of West Texas said.

Volunteers were also on hand to take donations from residents, of food, blankets and other necessities.

The Humane Society of West Texas is still working to gather more foster care homes for the dogs.  They say they are also desperate for more dog food, vaccinations, and other items for the care of the animals.

Meantime, the owners of the Alpha Tex Kennels are expected to be in court next week, to fight for the return of their dogs.
The Humane Society is asking for the community's help with the dog rescue. They are in need of monetary and supply donations as well as foster families willing to take in some of the dogs. If you would like to help (click here) or visit the Humane Society's Facebook page by (clicking here)
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