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12 Step Guide to Getting Your Home SOLD! Step 2: Pricing Your Home to Sell: At What Price Are We Going to List Your Home at that will Cause it to Sell? Part B

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12 Step Guide to Getting Your Home SOLD!


Welcome back, Savvy Home Sellers!


Back for more?  Great!  Today, we dive back into Step 2 of my 12 Step Guide to Getting Your Home SOLD!  Last time, in Part A of Step 2, we talked about the factors that do, and don't, affect the selling price of your home.  Today, in Part B, we will discuss what a Realtor can do in order to help you price and show your home in a way that will cause it to sell quickly, and at the highest rate of return for you.

Step 2: Pricing Your Home to Sell: At What Price Are We Going to List Your Home that will Cause it to Sell? --Part B

The three factors that maximize your home selling price are pricing your home correctly, extensive advertising, and preparing your house for showing.  Besides extensively promoting your home to the greatest number of potential buyers online and offline and to local Realtors, a Realtor who will get your home SOLD will assist you with pricing correctly and advise you on how to best prepare your home to attract buyers.  See below how a Realtor can assist you on getting your home SOLD!

Part B: Maximize Your Home Selling Price and Prepare Your Home to Sell

Staged HomeProviding a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)

When it comes to pricing your home for sale, your Realtor will have access to current information about the housing market and will be able to provide valuable insight into how much your home is worth.  When determining a suitable price for your home, it is important to evaluate comparable sales prices and competing homes for sale.  By comparing the asking prices to the actual selling prices of homes comparable to your home that were sold within the last 6-12 months, you can get a good idea of what your home might actually sell for compared to what it is listed for.  A CMA can show you if homes are typically selling for significantly less or close to their asking prices, and will show you what owners of similar homes are asking for their currently-listed properties.  The sold sales prices of similar homes are the tested prices.  These are the prices that were tested and that buyers are willing to pay in today's market.  The price of your home should be based on the sales price of the similar sold homes, not the prices of the active listings, since the active listings may be overpriced and not reflect today's market.


Suggesting Home Repairs and Improvements

When determining a selling price for their homes, some sellers tend to overestimate the added value of improvements to their home.  It is important to understand that home improvements depreciate in value as time goes on, and that they rarely return 100% of the investment made.  It is also important for a home seller to not mistake home maintenance or home improvements.  Improvements to your home include adding granite counter tops, upgrading to stainless steel appliances, installing tile in the shower and hardwood floors, and updating fixtures; maintenance to your home includes things like replacing heating and air conditioning and installing a new roof.  Home maintenance will not increase the selling value of your home the way that improvements will because maintenance is expected when you own a home, and improvements are added extras.  When considering selling your home, consult your listing agent.  He or she will be able to guide you toward home improvements that will best improve the value of your home.


Offering Staging and Photography Services

Although it likely won't increase the selling value of your home, home staging can be a very helpful tool to make your home look more appealing to buyers, causing it to sell quicker.  When buyers come to view your home, they want to be able to picture themselves living in your home.  This is much easier if your home looks uncluttered, spacious, and welcoming when showing your home.

Photography is also a great way to attract buyers to come view your home.  The first showing of your home is on the Internet, so it is important to have your home stand out online.  Make sure that your Realtor will take pictures that will make your home look its very best.  When preparing for the photography shoot, treat it like an actual, in-person showing.  Tidy everything up, make sure beds are made, towels are folded, and shelves are dusted.  If a room is empty, consider adding some furniture so that viewers can get a sense of the room's proportion.  Take a look at the photographs once you are finished and evaluate them.  If you were an online home buyer, what would you think of the shots?  Your home is more likely to attract buyers if its online "showing" is strong, with lots of beautiful pictures showing your home's best features.

Today you learned about the tools a Realtor will use to price and prepare your home to get it ready to sell.  Your listing agent will help you understand how tools like a CMA, home improvements, and home staging and photography will make your home more attractive to buyers, and get your home sold quickly, and at the highest rate of return for you.

Next time, in Step 3, you will learn all about home buyers.  Since you want to attract the highest amount of serious home buyers possible to consider buying your home, it is important to understand how buyers think, what their expectations are, and how they shop for homes for sale.  You won't want to miss it, so stick around!

Until Next Time,

Ana Spradling, Your Realtor with Real Results

When you work with me as your listing agent, I will help you understand the best way to price and present your home for sale.  I will create and analyze a CMA, and I will assist you in setting a price for your home that reflects the current housing market and will sell your home quickly.  I will also recommend any needed improvements that will make your home more attractive to buyers, and I will advise you in how to stage your home so that buyers can see themselves living there when they tour your home.  When you list your home for sale with me, I bring in a professional photographer to capture the best features of your home, then I aggressively market your home both online and offline, and to other Realtors.  Learn more about my marketing plan to get your home SOLD; request a free in-home presentation today!  For more information about selling your home in Johnson County Kansas contact me at (913) 954-7123 or at ASpradling@ReeceAndNichols.com







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