Money Magazine ranks Oakton, VA #36 in the Top 100 places to live

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Money Magazine 100 Best Places to LiveLast month, Money Magazine published an article on the Top 100 towns in America.  

To come up with their ranking, it's obvious to me that the researchers ploughed through the Census Data, crunch some numbers, and then come up with a ranking that might-or might not mean what they intended.

Don't get me wrong, Oakton, VA is a lovely place

Oakton, VA has a country feeling with rolling hills, tree-lined streets, and horse properties.  It's also centrally located in Fairfax County, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC).  

However, I wouldn't qualify Oakton as a "town".  There isn't a town center, it doesn't have its own schools, nor does it have a government. The only things that identify Oakton as an entity are its 22124 zip code and the "Oakton, VA" postal city.   

Oakton, VA Postal City & 22124 Zip Code

The good news is that Oakton does have great schools

Oakton belongs to the Fairfax County Public Schools District and is served primarily by three highly-ranked high schools:

  • Oakton High School,
  • Madison High School, and
  • Fairfax High School

So, is Oakton, VA a great place to live?

Sure it is!  But, must you live within the confines of the "Town of Oakton" to enjoy great schools and wooded properties?  Not necessarily.  

Read more about what Oakton, VA is and what is not at:

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