October Changes Bring Many Faces

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Into October we go one of my favorite months in part due to the change to cooler weather and also due to Halloween. With the change of seasons also comes a flood of memories. Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing. Places and faces come flooding back during certain times of the year. Not sure why for me it’s October but it’s a great month.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the passion we have in working with people. With each conversation whether it be with our clients, their mortgage lenders, title companies, inspectors, repair companies even those sometimes troubling short sale negotiators it’s about establishing great relationships and getting along for the benefit, the good of our clients.

It doesn’t matter if we are representing the seller in listing their home or the buyer in purchasing a home it’s important on each side to reach out and understand where the other party is coming from in the transaction. Motivation helps determine path to take to a dispute resolution or to reach a win-win for both parties. Sometimes we reach a mutual agreement. Other times even if things seem bleak we create a beneficial situation for our clients. There’s nothing sweeter than overcoming odds to help our clients reach their goals.

Recently one short sale after taking just a few weeks to receive a yes answer from the bank accepting the loss with certain conditions in place was about to turn ugly. An appraisal on the home missed the purchase price agreement by 17 thousand dollars. We quickly wrote up an addendum to request the new purchase price. We were racing against the clock as the home my buyer was currently residing in had sold and she had only weeks to move out. The loss mitigation specialist delayed in getting us a response. What I hoped would take 3-5 days was running toward 2 weeks. Daily I checked in with the listing agent. As time was running too close for comfort I ran out to preview homes, reached out to other listing agents and thanks in due part to the relationships I formed with those agents found 2 possible replacement homes. We wrote a new offer that was countered just with minor points that would have worked. All along I kept communicating with the short sale agent letting them know of the plan so that they could attempt to put more pressure on the lender. The lender though often doesn’t make the final decision for it’s the investor behind the lender that has the stake and decision in the loss.

In the end the investor said yes and my client was happy. From the time we issued the addendum we could have walked away from the short sale home as no answer was provided on this new price. We remained patient yet worked with all parties and had the backup just about ready to go. All parties knew the expectations and were kept informed. This communication is what we do best. Working with people can be challenging but it’s what we love to do!

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Hope you have a great October,

Scott Messing

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