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Am I going to be a great REALTOR or your Average Joe?

I must apologize is advance I am just going to type whats on my mind, So if I start to ramble I really am sorry.

I posted a blog on friday called Shattered Dreams   I have received a lot of comments about it.  Last night I was trying to go to sleep and 2 things kept running thru my mind. The first one was how was I going to get my first client, and the other thought was what are my core values going to be as far as customer and client care?

As a Realtor I think it is not only our job but it is a duty that we take care of our client. Let me explain where I am coming from. I have been a REALTOR for less then 3 weeks, I got into this not to do it part time but to invest my life into serving people, I have friends that are heart-broken because they have lost their house and they are not bad people, just people that made bad choices.  I honestly believe that if we go into a realationship with a client that we will make money for our time, but by doing so we have a obligation to follow-up and help them along the way.  We cannot just take the money and run, I know some do, but I refuse to do that. 

There are many reasons to follow-up and help them adjust, not the least being maybe they will refer us to a friend or family member.  I am not that naive to think that every client will be great, but they have paid us a fee to take care of them. If they have used us to buy or sell a house, we have not only invested our time but we have invested theirs, so to say that we did our job, and that is all then we are wrong. 

We have got to pay it forward.  If you were to buy a new car you would get a warranty.  Well my warranty to my clients is going to be, whether I like you or not, you chose me as your REALTOR, out of all the other REALTORS you decided to go with me and I will take care of you. Not for a month while your looking to buy or sell but for a lifetime. I know that there is no written law about but we must dedicate our life to doing well. 

If you look at the state of the world, and I am not talking about everywhere, or even our country, but as we drive down the road in our own hometowns we see problems. My grandfather always said "Mike slow down and smell the roses" that is so true, we have got to understand that as a professional we are the"Ones In the Know" as they say. Even just starting out I find myself gravitating toward situations that are needing a helping hand, I have been blessed over the last couple weeks by just offering myself to help others. I really have not volunteered that often in the past to do stuff, but since I got back from Afghanistan I really feel the need to just step up to the plate and help people. I see so many opportunities in my own home town to help people, and alot of it cost me nothing but my time.

One of my favorite TV show's is called Under Cover Boss. It is about a CEO of a business that goes undercover to see how his employees are doing, he wants to see the good and bad.

Well we have that same opportunity! If we are honest with ourselves we really do know where we need to improve, My own issue is time management, it seems sometimes that I have wasted a whole day doing nothing of what I planned to do. I think we need to look at the entire picture of our lives and business and figure out what is most important to us and our personal and professional goals, and then make a road map of how we are going to get there.

I apologies for going on and on,

Thanks for reading



Michael Morgan



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Keller Williams Real Estate - Philadelphia, PA
SOLD@100%Market Value,or I Pay You the Difference

Michael I am sure you will do great. Find yourself a great mentor and they will guide you to success.

Oct 02, 2011 08:17 AM
Daniel H. Fisher (704) 617-3544 - Charlotte, NC
MCRP - Charlotte Real Estate, NC or SC

Congrats on a good beginnin. Getting expert training is important. Sphere of influence clients are a great place to start.  Many new agents have built a business on expired listings. Short sales are likely to be a component of real estate sales for years to come.  Getting special training for that type of sale can also set you apart.

Oct 02, 2011 09:34 AM
Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX

Remember this is your business and not a job.  Run it like a business.  Also prospect every day.  You got to keep the pipe line full.

Oct 02, 2011 10:04 AM

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