BMH Real Estate..My New Company!

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Well, I have just taken this huge, giant step and started my own real estate company.  With the downturn of the real estate market in the last couple of years many real estate agents have had to look at other options for their business.  That includes ME!  Since I already had my Brokers license, I just decided that now was aa good a time as any....probably a better time than see how I can make it on my own.  Splitting my commissions and paying all of those extra fees monthly and annually, just got to be old with me.

With that being said, however, I had no idea of the work involved in re-establishing myself.  I have worked for weeks getting the re-branding set up.  That includes hiring someone to help me with a new logo and company brand (thanks, changing my license over, having to design a new website (that is still an ongoing nightmare.....uh, I mean...process), designing new signage, obtaining a privilege license, change my profile everywhere including... the MLS system,, ActiveRain, Twitter, Facebook (I think of somewhere else everyday).  And...all of this comes with a hefty price tag, too!

But, with all that being said....and since most of that work is behind me now.....I am every excited about the change!  I do believe that within 6 months, I can recoup the money that I have just spent, by saving on the monthly fees. 

Now to begin a new marketing campaign!  BMH Real Estate is off to a good start and I know that it will succeed.  I am still working Rankin, Hinds and Madison counties.  Please do me a favor and check out my new website at and let me know if you like it (when you have time of course).  I am open to any suggestions and/or "constructive criticism".  Just be nice.  Lol!!

I would love to know how other agents have chosen to suppliment their income during these "crazy" times with the real estate market.

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